How To Make A Pringles Can Fleshlight

A fun step-by-step video and instructions show you how to make a DIY homemade Fleshlight pocket pussy using a Pringles can.
artistic photograph of wednesday holding up a homemade fleshlight she made from a pringles can against a colorful purple and yellow colorblock background
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Updated:September 2023

Did you know that it’s possible, and even popular, to make a Pringles can Fleshlight?

That’s right, a DIY pocket pussy using a Pringles can is within your reach — and we’ll show you a few cool ways to make it happen:

Note: We aren’t telling you that you have to buy any particular brand of snack chip.

We will say, though, that cardboard makes a better frame for this project than plastic.

Remember that unless you’re ready to sand it — plastic can be scratchy.

How To Make A Pringles Can Fleshlight

Of all of the DIY Fleshlights we’ve made, using a Pringles can is one of the easiest and most successful methods.

The bonus?

You get to eat a bunch of potato chips first.

To Make A Pringles Can Fleshlight

Supplies Needed:

  • One Pringles can (empty and cleaned)
  • Three kitchen sponges (new, and two must be the same size)
  • One rubber, latex, or non-latex glove (powder-free)
  • One large or two small rubber bands
  • Kitchen knife for cutting

Steps For Making A Fleshlight From A Pringles Can:

  1. Cut off the top of the Pringles can
  2. Place one sponge into the can
  3. Place the glove between the two remaining (same-sized) sponges
  4. Put this sponge/glove sandwich into the Pringles can
  5. Pull the open end of the glove sleeve around the outside of the Pringles can
  6. Secure the glove with rubber bands
  7. Use your DIY Pringles can Fleshlight

Special Notes: Regular Pringles cans are best for this project, as the cardboard makes a better container. Other brands use plastic, which can have a sharp edge at the opening. If you use a plastic chip can, you’ll likely need to sand the edges of the opening first.

Step 1: Cut The Pringles Can

To begin, you’ll want to cut a few inches off the top of the can to suit your needs (if required), although this is not a necessary step.

Step 2: Insert One Sponge

photograph of wednesday inserting a single sponge into a pringles can

Fold one sponge in half and push it to the bottom of the can.

Step 3: Place The Glove Between The Other Sponges

Sandwich the glove between the two same-sized sponges, leaving the wrist to hang past the end of the sponges by about an inch or so.

Note: If your sponges have a scrubby side, that should face the inside of the can. The smooth squishy side goes in the middle.

Step 4: Place Sponges And Glove Into The Can

aerial photograph of hands inserting a glove sandwiched between two sponges into a pringles can

Insert the glove/sponge sandwich into the can.

The first sponge you already placed inside of the Pringles will prevent your Fleshlight “sleeve” from sliding in too deeply.

Step 5: Put The Glove Around The Can

photograph of hands sliding the open end of a disposable glove over the edge of the pringles can while making a diy fleshlight

Pull the glove sleeve around the outside of the Pringles can.

Step 6: Secure The Glove

photograph of wednesday securing the glove to her pringles can diy fleshlight using rubber bands

Use the rubber bands to secure the glove around the Pringles can.

Step 7: Use Your DIY Glove Fleshlight

Add lube and use your Pringles can Fleshlight as you will.

Once finished, you don’t have to dispose of the entire thing unless you want to.

If you’re all about recycling, you can throw the sleeve (glove) away and keep the can and sponges for a future DIY Fleshlight if you so choose.

How To Make A Pringles Can Fleshlight Even Better

photograph of hands loading aqua beads into a diy pringles can fleshlight

If you enjoy textures and unique sensations, you can improve your DIY Pringles can pocket pussy by adding a little something special to the inside.

We tried filling a Pringles can with aqua beads — little toy balls that go from about the size of a grain of rice to marble size after being in the water.

You can even soak them ahead of time and just warm them up with a bit of water before playtime.

Once the can is full of the size and quantity of aqua beads you like, then use a rubber band to secure a sheet of silicone (or plastic wrap, or you can use the glove technique again) around the top and cut a slit for the opening.

You can also use the glove technique again, filling the can with aqua beads instead of sponges.

Voila! You have a warm squishy place any penis would love to be.

The beauty of this is that you can experiment with any “filling” that offers a unique texture to try — so get creative and see what happens.

How Do You Use A Homemade Pringles Can Pocket Pussy?

photograph of wednesday applying lube to her pringles can fleshlight

You’ll use your Pringles can Fleshlight the same way you would any other stroker or pocket pussy — apply the lube, insert your penis, and thrust, using your hands to move the can at the speed you enjoy.

The glove inside the sponges (which can be wetted to change density and temperature) creates a warm squishy environment that can loosely mimic the feeling of a vagina or anus.

After use, simply remove the glove and discard it.

If unsoiled, the sponges can be rinsed and reused.

The cardboard can also be wedged between pillows or a cushion for hands-free thrusting if that’s what you enjoy.

What To Know About Making A Pringles Can Fleshlight

photograph of wednesday smiling while holding up the diy pringles can fleshlight she made

Of all the DIY Fleshlights we’ve made, the Pringles can version is one of the sturdiest and easiest.

You don’t need much — just the can, a few sponges, a glove, and a rubber band — and just about anyone with capable hands can make it easily.

Given the hard cardboard tube that contains the sleeve, it’s probably the DIY Fleshlight that’s most comparable to the real thing.

Is A Pringles Fleshlight Better Than A Real One?

That depends on who you ask, but maybe.

We’re iffy on some of these DIY Fleshlight projects but this is one we fully endorse.

This is even more true when you try our DIY Pringles can Fleshlight hack — using warm squishy aqua beads in place of the sponges.

And if you don’t insert a glove as a sleeve, it feels even more natural.

That said, there’s nothing quite like a Fleshlight and many people feel they’re totally worth it, despite the cost.

Best Fleshlights To Try

If you’re looking for a new Fleshlight — whether buying one for the first time or replacing a beloved favorite — our top recommendations below are the perfect place to start.

  • Classic Pink Lady Heavenly

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  • Fleshlight Quickshot

The textured Quickshot is the smallest Fleshlight available — and is also the best handjob hybrid to start with.

With a variable grip, the Quickshot is open-ended and comes in both realistic and see-through sleeves, making it the best portable, travel-friendly, discreet model to explore.

  • Fleshlight Girls: Riley Reid Utopia

The Riley Reid Fleshlight, designed after its namesake porn star, is one of the most popular Fleshlight Girls.

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Closing Thoughts

Making a Fleshlight from a Pringles can is an easy DIY pocket pussy option that, in our experience, comes with great results.

It’s a simple craft that involves just a few things you likely have at home, and it’s a versatile masturbator that you can put together in just a couple of minutes.

Plus, you get to eat an entire sleeve of potato chips — what’s not to love about that?

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Complete Guide To DIY Fleshlights and Everything Fleshlight hub, in-depth and evolving resources that comprehensively explore ways to make your own pocket pussy or stroker at home, along with everything to know about Fleshlights, including the company’s discreet billing and shipping, the types of products they carry, how to use them, materials, and safety.