How To Make A Cornstarch Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

A fun step-by-step video and instructions show you how to make a DIY homemade cornstarch Fleshlight pocket pussy.
creative photograph of wednesday lee friday laughing while trying to get a cornstarch fleshlight off of the vibrating sex toy she used as a mold
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Updated:September 2023

Have you ever wanted to have sex with a nice warm mug of microwaved cornstarch?

Of course, you have!

Using cornstarch to make a homemade pocket pussy is surprisingly common, but we also found it to be absurdly difficult:

How To Make A Cornstarch Fleshlight

Making a cornstarch Fleshlight is fairly easy and the ingredients are simple.

The results, however, are fairly questionable.

That’s why we also made masturbators out of gelatin and cornstarch mixed with silicone in our video above.

Despite some hilarious mishaps, we did, to some extent, manage to make a Fleshlight with cornstarch and water.

To Make A Cornstarch Fleshlight

Supplies Needed:

  • 200 grams cornstarch
  • 400-500 grams room-temperature water
  • 100 grams boiling water
  • A tall, microwave-safe container with a cylindrical shape
  • A stir stick or spoon
  • Scale for measuring
  • A hot dog, zucchini, cucumber, or other food slightly smaller than the penis this toy is for.

Steps For Making A Fleshlight From Cornstarch:

  1. Combine cornstarch and room-temperature water
  2. Add boiling water to fill your container the rest of the way, and stir again
  3. Microwave the mixture for one to three minutes
  4. Press the cylindrical object into the mixture
  5. Microwave for another five to six minutes
  6. Allow to cool and use

Special Notes: We recommend that your microwave-safe container also have a handle. We also suggest using a food item for the penis mold because the object you use must be microwaveable.

Step 1: Combine Cornstarch And Water

aerial photograph of water being poured into a cup with cornstarch

Measure the cornstarch and the room-temperature water.

Combine together and stir until well combined.

Step 2: Add Boiling Water

Add boiling water to fill the container the rest of the way, and stir again.

Step 3: Microwave The Mixture

You’ll want to microwave the mixture for one to three minutes until it’s tacky and somewhat firm.

Step 4: Add A Cylindrical Object

photograph of a hot dog in a tall glass filled with the cornstarch mixture to make the mold for a diy fleshlight

This step involves setting the mold for your penis, essentially.

Press the cylindrical object you’re using as a mold into the center of the cornstarch mixture.

Make sure the item you’re using is microwaveable.

Step 5: Microwave Again

Microwave for another five to six minutes until the mixture is no longer squishable with a finger.

Step 6: Allow To Cool and Use

photograph of a finished diy fleshlight mold made from cornstarch and water

Once it’s cool, you can use it in the container, or remove it from the container if you prefer.

How Do You Use A Homemade Cornstarch Fleshlight?

photograph of wednesday laughing at her diy fleshlight mold made from cornstarch

If you make this in a tall drinking glass, a cornstarch and water Fleshlight can be used like any hand-held stroker or pocket pussy.

Some people feel a tall mug or beer stein with a handle is easier to manage and allows for more freedom of movement.

Your new cornstarch Fleshlight can also be propped up with pillows or wedged between couch cushions, allowing the user to thrust as they like.

Proper lubrication is an important part of safe, fun masturbation, so don’t forget to use a personal lubricant — any type you choose is fine.

If you want to clean your cornstarch Fleshlight for reuse, we suggest washing with warm soapy water and drying thoroughly.

But we’d also understand if you consider it disposable.

What To Know About Making A DIY Cornstarch Pocket Pussy

photograph of wednesday stirring her cornstarch and water mixture for a diy fleshlight

For starters, a DIY Fleshlight made from cornstarch and water isn’t going to be the prettiest thing you’ve ever used for masturbation.

That said, it’s a simple enough project that might just get the job done.

As you saw in our video above, however, we didn’t have the easiest time getting this one to work — we eventually tried mixing silicone with the cornstarch, which yielded better results.

Our unflavored gelatin experiment was equally fascinating but wasn’t inviting enough for our resident penis-holder to try.

Is A DIY Cornstarch Fleshlight Better Than A Real One?

It is highly unlikely that a little cornstarch and water in a container is going to perform better than a real Fleshlight.

Still, it’s always fun to experiment with different textures, temperatures, and materials.

If that’s up your alley or something you want to try with a friend — we say, go for it!

The best reason to try a cornstarch Fleshlight may be to help determine your sex toy likes and dislikes before you invest money in a commercially made Fleshlight.

Best Fleshlights To Try

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Closing Thoughts

Despite the seemingly long list of supplies, it doesn’t take that much to make a Fleshlight from cornstarch and water.

In fact, this one cost us about a dollar — not counting the many failed tries and attempts at improvements.

That said, it’s a process (and a messy one at that), and it’s not the prettiest DIY Fleshlight we’ve made.

Fleshlights made using towels, Pringles cans, and toilet paper worked much better in our experience, plus they came together much more quickly and easily.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Complete Guide To DIY Fleshlights and Everything Fleshlight hub, in-depth and evolving resources that comprehensively explore ways to make your own pocket pussy or stroker at home, along with everything to know about Fleshlights, including the company’s discreet billing and shipping, the types of products they carry, how to use them, materials, and safety.