Is Lovehoney Packaging, Shipping & Billing Discreet?

In short, yes – Lovehoney’s packaging and shipping is discreet, but some of their billing statements are not depending on how you pay for your purchase.
photograph of sex toy store lovehoney plain brown box package on a table with text overlay that reads: is lovehoney discreet
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Updated:January 2024

For the most part, Lovehoney is discreet when it comes to packaging, shipping, and billing so that when the box arrives on your doorstep, the rest of the world won’t know what’s inside.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lovehoney ships packages in plain brown boxes that are devoid of any logo or mark that might signify its origin.
  • Likewise, the shipping label on the box lists the sender as “LH Trading” with an address based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Most billing statements from Lovehoney are discreet as well, listing “LH Trading Atlanta GA” as the vendor on bank or credit card purchases.
  • PayPal does not permit the use of a business alias, however, so purchases are displayed as being made at “Lovehoney LLC” in your PayPal history.

Our team placed multiple orders with Lovehoney, a legit adult retailer, to find out exactly how orders are billed, packaged, shipped, and delivered, to help you order with complete confidence.

We found that while the packaging is always 100% discreet, certain billing statements are not.

If you’re ready to purchase from Lovehoney right now, we negotiated an extra 15% discount using the code AFF-WH15 after reviewing and vetting their packaging and billing practices to ensure discretion.

What Does Lovehoney Packaging Look Like & Is It Discreet?

photograph of a plain brown box from lovehoney with an inset image of the shipping label zoomed in to show the sender being listed discreetly as "lh trading" with an address based in atlanta, georgia

Once you place an order on Lovehoney’s website, they mail everything to you in a plain brown box completely free of a logo or discernable company information.

In fact, Lovehoney has a “Plain Brown Boxes Guarantee” and they stick to it like glue:

aerial photograph of a plain brown box from sex toy retailer lovehoney on a wooden floor to show that there are no logos or markings on the box or shipping label that give away where the package came from so you can shop discreetly

Could this Lovehoney shipping box be any more boring?


And that’s a good thing since none of your neighbors will have a clue that you bought the Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit.

Although our test packages arrived in boxes, Lovehoney lingerie and other very small items are said to arrive in plain, manila-looking padded envelopes that are just as plain and boring.

In our experience, however, even small items arrive boxed. Our editor-in-chief did a test order for one single pair of lacy underwear — and it was delivered in a small box.

What Does The Lovehoney Shipping Label Look Like?

Since courier services require a return address on all of its shipping labels, Lovehoney lists the address of its warehouse facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

That said, the shipping label doesn’t say it’s from Lovehoney:

aerial photograph of a close up shipping label on a plain brown box from sex toy vendor lovehoney showing that the sender is listed as "lh trading" with an address based in atlanta georgia; the recipient's address is blurred out to protect their privacy in this article

“LH Trading” could mean anything: Love Handle Trading, Left Hip Trading, Loose Hairpins Trading…you get the idea.

Unless your delivery person has purchased from Lovehoney themselves, they’re not going to know who LH Trading is — and neither will any of your nosy neighbors.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that there will be a packing slip inside the box that includes information about making returns to Lovehoney (by name) if needed:

photograph of a packing slip included in a purchase made at lovehoney containing a message that reads "thank you for shopping at lovehoney," the order number and date, the product that was purchased (a brunette wig with fringe), an offer to sign up for emails to save 15% off your next order at lovehoney, and details for processing a return if needed

That isn’t the end of the world.

If you’re opening a Lovehoney package in front of someone else, the writing on the packing slip won’t be nearly as eye-catching as the giant dildo you pull out of the box.

Still, if you’ve ordered something as a gift for someone else and it’s meant to be a surprise, make sure you tuck that little slip somewhere out of sight.

Lovehoney Shipping Speed

The shipping speed from Lovehoney can range from 1 working day (FedEx overnight) to as long as 6 working days (standard shipping through DHL and UPS) in the United States.

During checkout, you’ll be able to select the shipping speed of your choice, with pricing listed:

screenshot of shipping options as sex toy store lovehoney displaying 4-6 day super saver shipping (free) expedited 2-4 day shipping for $19.99, and fed ex 1 working day shipping for $29.99, along with a proceed to payment button after the selection is made

Some items may not be eligible for all shipping options; in such cases, Lovehoney notes that only the available shipping options will be displayed for you during checkout.

Orders placed at Lovehoney before 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, will be shipped that same day for DHL and UPS; the cut-off for FedEx shipping overnight is 3 p.m. on those same days.

All shipped orders are tracked automatically and you’ll receive an email with that information — however, it does list Lovehoney by name:

screenshot of an email notification about a lovehoney package in transit and arriving that day, along with the tracking number

As long as no one else is checking your email for you, your secret will remain safe.

  • Where Does Lovehoney Ship From?

As we mentioned earlier, packages shipping within the United States are sent from Lovehoney’s warehouse facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although a return address is required by the courier services it uses, the name of the company will not be listed.

The package appears to be sent from “LH Trading.”

  • Lovehoney International Shipping

Overseas in the UK and more than 30 countries, the shipping time ranges from 1 to 7 days using a variety of delivery services, depending on where the products are being shipped.

It is worth noting that only the site offers the full range of international shipping options.

Those shopping internationally should choose their point of origin:

  • EU countries:
  • USA:
  • Australia:
  • Canada:
  • New Zealand:

If you’re ready to purchase from Lovehoney right now, we negotiated an extra 15% discount using the code AFF-WH15 after reviewing and vetting their packaging and billing practices to ensure discretion.

What Do Lovehoney Billing Statements Look Like & Are They Discreet?

Well, I’ll level with you: It is not completely discreet for all payment methods.

Women’s Health Interactive went the extra mile and had our staff members verify different purchasing methods to provide authentic screenshots and information about the process.

On debit card and credit card statements, the purchase will be listed as “LH Trading” — just like what’s listed on the shipping label:

screenshot of a bank and credit card statement listing a purchase made at lovehoney with the vendor listed as lh trading atlanta georgia and the amount totaling $31.88

However, if you purchase via PayPal, Lovehoney will be listed by name:

screenshot of a paypal purchase made at lovehoney, showing that lovehoney llc is the seller with its website — — being listed with the seller info

Not only that, but it includes the (clickable) website address, too!

If someone else has access to your PayPal account for any reason, it’s an important thing to note if you either intend to keep a personal purchase discreet or if it’s meant as a surprise gift.

  • What Payment Methods Does Lovehoney Accept?

Lovehoney accepts several payment methods including:

  • PayPal and PayPal Pay Later
  • Amazon Pay
  • Klarna
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Debit cards with logos from the above-accepted credit cards

Pros & Cons Of Shopping At Lovehoney

If you’re thinking about purchasing from Lovehoney right now, we’re confident in saying the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Still, it does have its share of disadvantages — however slight — so we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Lovehoney Pros:

  • A truly massive selection of products at a range of price points to suit anyone’s needs
  • Fast shipping within the US
  • Products arrive in discreet packaging — always
  • A fantastic warranty policy ensures your satisfaction
  • 60 return policy if you change your mind
  • 100-Day Money Back Promise ensures a refund on any single item if you find it has not enhanced your sexual pleasure (limited at their discretion)
  • Amazing customer service that is fast and responsive if you experience any problems with an order

Lovehoney Cons:

  • PayPal isn’t entirely discreet
  • Longer shipping on international orders
  • No brick-and-mortar locations to shop
  • Even tiny things, such as a single pair of underwear, seem to arrive in boxes (in our experience)

Overall, the benefits of shopping at Lovehoney far exceed the minor inconveniences that may come with it, depending on your needs.

Does Lovehoney Send Mail Or Catalogs?

Once upon a time, Lovehoney used to send paper catalogs — but just as Adam & Eve stopped distributing their catalogs, so too has Lovehoney.

That said, during checkout, you can sign up for an account that provides some additional benefits to your future shopping experiences:

screenshot of the signup form for creating an account at lovehoney, which explains that benefits of an account include faster checkout, get exclusive offers, save items for later, write product reviews, and join the lovehoney forums; the image features a password field and date of birth information before confirming to opt in and create a free account

Benefits of signing up for an account at Lovehoney include:

  • A faster checkout experience
  • Access to exclusive special offers and sales
  • Email content that’s tailored to your shopping preferences and interests
  • Ability to save items in your shopping cart for purchase later
  • The ability to write product reviews
  • Access to the Lovehoney forums, which are among the best sex forums we reviewed personally

Signing up for an account is in no way necessary if you want to make a purchase at Lovehoney, however, it does come with some bonuses — and it’s worth considering!

Additionally, during checkout, there is a box to grant Lovehoney permission to send promotional emails.

If you do not wish to receive these, simply uncheck that box.

Closing Thoughts

Is it time for a new sex toy and you’re curious about shopping at Lovehoney, but need to know how will look on your bank statement or show up on your doorstep before you order?

Then we’ve got good news!

Not only is Lovehoney a legit company, but Lovehoney lingerie and other products are sent discreetly to your home, so nobody will know that you ordered the Lovehoney Beginners Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit or one of their famous sexy Advent calendars.

Not that there’s any shame in that!

Remember: Although the packaging is always 100% discreet, certain billing statements are not.

So, if you want to keep your purchase to yourself, be conscious of how you order. That way, you will get a fantastic sex toy and keep your privacy intact.

Otherwise, happy shopping at Lovehoney!

If you’re ready to purchase from Lovehoney right now, we negotiated an extra 15% discount using the code AFF-WH15 after reviewing and vetting their packaging and billing practices to ensure discretion.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Everything Lovehoney hub, an in-depth and evolving resource that comprehensively explores and reviews all aspects of sex toy retailer Lovehoney from their discreet billing and shipping practices, to discount codes, and products they carry.