Pooping During (Or After) Anal Sex Is Normal — Here’s How To Deal

It’s normal for poop to make an appearance during anal sex. You can take steps to prevent it but if it happens, it’s REALLY not a big deal.
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Butts poop. It’s their main purpose.

Another (much more fun) purpose is enjoying anal sex.

Sometimes these worlds collide, but there is no need to freak out if you or your partner encounter a little fecal matter in the process.

Here’s what you need to know about anal sex and poop:

  • Poop making an appearance during anal is normal, especially during deep penetration.
  • Although the rectum doesn’t physically store poop (it resides inside the colon, passing through the rectum and anus when you poop), anal stimulation can trigger the urge to have a bowel movement.
  • Those who have weak anal sphincter muscles or gastrointestinal issues may be more prone to leak fecal matter during anal sex.
  • Enemas or anal douching, although used by some people to “clean out” the rectum prior to anal sex, should be avoided as they can cause injury.
  • Fecal matter can cause bacterial, viral, or even parasitic infections so it’s important to wash all areas that come into contact with it — and avoid putting your hands or fingers anywhere near your face (eyes, mouth) until you do.
  • If (or when) poop happens during anal sex, it isn’t a big deal — and there are easy ways to keep the mess to a minimum.

There are fewer pearls of wisdom more true than “shit happens.”

Fetishists aside, no one wants poop ruining a good time by making a surprise cameo during butt play — but it isn’t the end of the world if it does.

We’ll take a look at why this happens, how to best avoid it, and what to expect (if you’re expecting poop) during anal.

Pooping During Anal — What You Need To Know

Look, you can’t go to the beach without getting a little sand on you and the same goes for butt stuff and poop.

Your digestive system breaks down food and moves the waste through your intestines and down through the colon, which connects to your rectum and eventually, your anus.

When you’re at capacity, that full feeling naturally creates the urge to poop.

Assuming you have good digestive health and are eating right, along with maintaining proper hydration, you shouldn’t have a round in the chamber at all times.

(But you should have regular bowel movements once or twice a day — some of which may leave fecal residue inside the rectum.)

You might feel the need to defecate in the middle of anal or immediately afterward, thanks to the stimulation from whatever fun apparatus fills you up.

And sometimes, a surprise guest (poop) might make a sudden appearance and crash the party.

As we’ll talk about next, that’s completely normal and nothing to be embarrassed about if it happens.

Is It Normal To Poop During Anal?

If by “poop during anal” you mean some showing up in the middle of festivities, yes — it’s perfectly normal and in fact, we’ve talked about that in our forums.

As the good book says, everybody poops.

Even if you’ve had a regular bowel movement beforehand, there can still be small bits of feces hanging around in your rectum.

That could mean anything from traces of poop to full nuggets.

If you’re asking if it’s normal to “drop a full dachshund” on the bed during anal, then while it isn’t an ideal scenario it is normal — and it can happen to anyone.

Those with a weakened anal sphincter (fecal incontinence) may be more prone to accidental poops or leakage during anal sex.

Additionally, frequent anal sex has been shown to contribute to fecal incontinence, which can potentially exacerbate the problem over time.

Folks with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, or other gastrointestinal issues may also be more likely to experience poop during anal sex — but a little planning ahead can help to avoid it.

Is It Safe If You Poop During Anal Sex?

It can be, but there are some risks to remember when the shit hits the fan — or the dildo, anal plug, or dick.

Most of the bacteria found in fecal matter are anaerobic — and a part of the normal (and healthy) digestive system.

Poop can also contain bacteria, viruses, and even parasites such as E. coli, salmonella, Giardia, or Cryptosporidium, that can cause infections.

E. coli is responsible for most urinary tract infections (UTIs), a result of the bacteria making their way inside the bladder through the urethra.

Although this is often thought of as something that “happens to women,” men who partake in unprotected anal sex can also contract a UTI from E. coli.

Additionally, shigella infections can occur if fecal matter makes contact with your mouth — whether during rimming, felching, or if your (contaminated) hands enter your mouth at any point.

If you’re using common sense cleanliness and practicing safe sex, then you shouldn’t be too worried about coming in contact with fecal matter.

Should it get on your hands, be sure not to touch your eyes, face, orifices, or open wounds.

Wash anywhere that might have come in contact with the poop immediately with soap and warm water.

If you have had unprotected anal sex recently and notice signs of a urinary tract infection — such as pain or burning during urination, frequent urges to pee, cramping, or the presence of blood — seek a doctor’s care.

How To Not Poop During Anal

If you’re worried about how to do anal without pooping, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some quick tips to help you keep it from spoiling your fun:

  • Empty your bowels naturally before anal sex; no enemas.
  • Eat a well-rounded diet with plenty of fiber and water to stay regular.
  • Avoid rich and spicy foods leading up to anal sex.
  • Wash up beforehand with soap and warm water.
  • Take your time and ease into things with plenty of anal lube.

The best way to avoid poop during anal is to make sure you’ve emptied your bowels ahead of time.

As we mentioned earlier, the rectum doesn’t store feces — think of it as a hallway it passes through as it makes its way from your colon and out through your anus.

Having a bowel movement before anal sex can help you avoid poop during.

Some people advise using an enema or douche to clean the inside of your rectum, but this is not recommended, especially on a regular basis.

An enema can cause cuts or perforations if not carefully inserted, a non-sterile enema tube can cause infections, and regular use can lead to electrolyte imbalances.

Just drop a deuce and wash your butt. Simple as that.

Additionally, keep your diet in mind (especially if you have existing GI problems), and don’t eat a bunch of spicy or fatty foods within a few hours before anal play, either.

Take it from me, that’s a mistake you only make once.

If you’ve cleared your gastric inventory, wash your butthole (externally) with soap and a warm washcloth.

Even a shower before getting busy will do the trick, too.

If you’re concerned about poop during anal, shallow penetration and plenty of anal lube can also help to avoid it.

Our favorites — all tested during real butt play — are below.

Finally, remember to start off slow and don’t go too deep — and keep a constant line of communication open with your partner, no matter which end of the activity you’re on.

Tips For Post-Anal Sex Cleanup

When you’re all done with your backdoor adventures, there are a few easy ways to tidy up after:

  • Wash your sex toys, hands, and anything else that came in contact with fecal matter thoroughly.
  • Take a shower or use a warm washcloth and soap to clean your butthole.
  • If your partner shot their wad in you, feel free to visit the toilet to push/let it leak out.
  • Throw your bedding or towel into the washing machine.

Pooping After Anal And Why It Happens

You might feel like you need to run to the toilet right away after having anal sex — but that doesn’t mean you actually need to.

The anus, anal sphincter, and rectum are part of your pelvic floor and stimulation causes those muscles to contract the same way they do when you poop.

The sensations from anal can make your butthole feel like there’s a wolf at the door, but if you had a bowel movement beforehand, then you’re probably fine.

That being said, the first bowel movement you have after being on the receiving end of anal sex may feel odd at first while your sphincter is relaxing back into its original shape.

Things should feel normal after a day or two.

(No, anal doesn’t make your butthole bigger. We promise.)

Is It Normal To Poop After Anal?

It is totally normal to feel like you have to drop the kids off at the pool after anal, but that doesn’t always mean that you need to.

(But sometimes you do!)

If you’re brand new to anal penetration, then the only feeling you and your booty know is pooping — and the sensations can be similar.

As mentioned above, your anus is getting filled up, the muscles in your pelvic floor are contracting from the stimulation, and that signal makes your body think it’s go time.

It probably isn’t, especially if you had a bowel movement prior to anal sex.

It’s worth noting that you may also experience some gas or bloating afterward from all the in-and-outs — and that’s normal, too.

What To Watch Out For During (Or After) Anal

There are some things to be mindful of when having anal sex, such as damage to your anus, anal leakage, and risk of infection.

If There Is Blood After (Or During) Anal Sex

Usually when someone says they’ll “Tear that ass up,” it’s a good thing, but not when it’s literal.

Anal fissures, small tears in the lining of the anus, can occur when you and your partner go too hard and fast, the thing being inserted is too big, or when there isn’t enough lubrication.

Additionally, hemorrhoids (swollen veins in the lower rectum or anus) can bleed following anal penetration.

A small amount of blood may be nothing serious — especially if it’s your first time — but if there is a substantial amount, that can be a sign of injury.

Likewise, if you notice a sharp, shooting pain during anal, stop immediately — if it doesn’t pass within a half hour, go to the emergency room, as it may be a sign of anal perforation.

When it comes to anal sex, remember to take things slow and ease into it with plenty of lube.

If Your Partner Cums Inside During Anal Sex

Unlike needing to urinate after sex to prevent UTIs, there isn’t a similar need following anal sex, even if your partner ejaculates inside of you.

Although, keep in mind that your anus is going to be stretched out and a bit loose immediately following anal sex, so the semen will likely leak out.

If you have a vulva, that leakage can get into your vagina and could lead to pregnancy, and if some bacteria hitched a ride on that load, that could also potentially cause an infection.

For this reason, it’s important to be aware of your (and your partner’s) STI status before engaging in unprotected anal sex.

If that ship has sailed and you’re worried about potential STIs, get tested.

STI Risks After During Anal Sex

There is always a risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from anal sex when not wearing protection, and sometimes even when you are.

STIs from anal sex can include:

  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • HIV
  • Genital herpes
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Hepatitis B

STIs like gonorrhea and chlamydia are common bacterial infections that are treatable but also avoidable with the use of condoms.

Viruses like genital herpes and HPV are spread through skin-to-skin contact and condoms are not 100% effective at preventing transmission, as a condom doesn’t cover all of the skin around the genitals.

It’s a good idea to talk to your partner(s) about your STI status before engaging in anal sex and if neither of you has been tested in a while, there’s no time like the present.

Get it done.

Don’t let embarrassment stop you — tests can be ordered discreetly and delivered straight to your door if you prefer to avoid a face-to-face visit with your doctor.

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Closing Thoughts

We all deal with enough crap in our day-to-day lives, so why let it ruin a good time?

Anal sex is rad and having to deal with poop once in a while is the price of admission — but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself.

With a little planning, it can be a stress- and poop-free experience.

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