What Is Felching: Everything You Need To Know

Felching refers to the sex act of licking or sucking semen from a partner’s anus or vagina after cumming inside. While a potential turn-on, it isn’t always safe.
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Traditionally, felching refers to the act of sucking semen from a sexual partner’s anus after cumming inside, although the contemporary use of the word applies to the vagina, as well.

Also known as “eating a creampie,” felching involves the tasting and swallowing of semen deposited into someone after penetrative sex.

Are you turned on by the idea of your partner licking or sucking every drop of cum from the inside of your body after sex? You’re probably into felching.

And if you crave the taste of the jizz you’ve deposited into your partner’s body after sex, you’re definitely into it.

What Is Felching?

Felching occurs when one partner sucks the semen out of another partner’s anus after penetrative sex, known traditionally as a homosexual sex act.

The term was first defined in print in 1972 in The Argot of the Homosexual Subculture by Ronald A. Farrell.

These days, however, felching can be used to describe sucking the semen out of an anus or vagina and it applies to all genders.

The terms felching and “eating a creampie” are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing, with creampie referring to the semen-filled orifice itself.

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How To Felch

To felch is to ejaculate inside a partner’s body and then lick or suck out the jizz to eat it.

Sometimes straws, known as felching tubes, are used to make it easier to get every drop, which can be especially helpful if the semen is deep inside the vagina or anus.

Felching is as easy as:

  1. Having penetrative sex
  2. Cumming inside your partner
  3. Sucking or scooping the semen out

Depending on how you accomplish this, a few more sex acts may be involved in the process.

Rimming (analingus) occurs when you lick a partner’s anus, externally or internally.

This is an inherent part of traditional felching, especially if you don’t have a straw and you’re lapping at the semen with your tongue.

If you use a spoon instead of your mouth or straw, this is sometimes known as “yogurting” — which makes perfect sense if you’ve ever watched someone eating yogurt.

After felching, partners may kiss one another as a way to share the flavor of the cum and even pass it between them, an activity perhaps known best as snowballing.

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Does Felching Feel Good And Why Do People Felch?

Whether or not the act of felching feels good depends entirely on the reasons why partners do it.

For many, there’s an extreme sense of intimacy found in sharing body fluids outside of typical penetrative sex.

You (or your partner) are literally consuming your own body fluids that have been deposited inside someone else.

Overheard on our forum, one user said, “The deepest fulfillment is after he cums inside me and then goes back down and licks every nook and cranny.”

At the same time, to eat (or drink) someone’s semen can be seen as taboo, which may be part of the appeal — it’s definitely not a “vanilla” sex act.

Some see felching as “dirty” in all the right ways.

In terms of how it feels in a physical sense, if a partner uses a straw as a felching tube, there’s unlikely to be much in the way of sensation if it’s your bum and vag being excavated.

However, if they use their mouth, you may feel extra pleasure simply because of the placement and movement of their tongue and lips against the orifice holding the semen.

In the forum, one man described what creampie felching does for his wife:

 “Most of the time, we use my mouth and tongue to clean my wife up…I go down on my wife, eat her creampie, and lick her squeaky clean. It also leads to her usually having two or three more orgasms and round 2 within 10-15 minutes.”

For some men, the act of felching not only allows them to clean their partner after sex while adding pleasure into the mix, but it provides time for the man to pass through his refractory period for a repeat performance.

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Is Felching Safe?

It can be safe — depending on each partner’s circumstances — but felching carries the risk of an unplanned pregnancy if done vaginally, and can result in STD or STI transmission between partners when done from any orifice.

To properly felch, you have to engage in penetrative sex without a condom. This means that all the inherent risks of STDs, STIs, or pregnancy may be present (unless it’s anal and then there’s no risk of pregnancy).

Even if felching occurs immediately after penetrative sex of the vagina ends, unintended pregnancy is still a risk. It is not a valid form of contraception.

During anal sex, however, the main issue to consider is STI transmission.

Semen is safe to consume but condomless sex can put both partners at risk for a variety of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Additionally, if the man has an STI carried by his semen, it can spread to his mouth or throat during felching.

For a partner who is HIV-positive, the risk can double if you add snowballing to the fun.

According to one of the only studies ever done on felching:

“If the anal insertive partner is HIV-positive, the snowballing component of the felching act increases the chances that the receptive partner will become infected because he is being double exposed to the HIV-infected semen (first through receiving it anally, second by accepting it orally).”

Felching is associated with an HIV prevalence that is four times higher among men who have sex with other men.

Regular testing to know your STD and STI status and taking precautions to avoid sex during potential breakouts is extremely important.

Men who have sex with other men are often highly encouraged to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.

Men who are 26 or younger should also be vaccinated for HPV. Even though it’s not routinely recommended, men can be vaccinated for HPV until the age of 45.

For anal felching, there can also be a risk of consuming fecal matter.

Fecal matter can carry and transmit a host of serious illnesses including cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, and more.

Infections can arise from bacteria, viruses, or parasites that are present in the rectal cavity — similar to the risks associated if poop happens during anal.

While some people may think that anal douching can help prevent the risk of fecal matter being present, douching carries its own risks. Studies have shown a link between STIs, including HIV, and anal douching.

If both partners know their STD/STI status and are regularly tested, felching can be done with minimal risk.

It’s not a completely risk-free sex act, certainly, but it’s not always dangerous if proper precautions are taken, either.

Additionally, felching could be “faked” with the use of cum lubes, which are formulated to look, feel, and often smell or taste like real semen.

In Conclusion

If the idea of having your booty or vag filled with cum and then eaten out turns you on, you might be into felching.

And if you lick your lips at the idea of tasting all the jizz you leave behind inside of your partner, you’re not alone, either.

Take precautions before felching and only engage with partners whose STD/STI status you’re very sure of — and if pregnancy prevention is not a concern.

Felching can be an incredibly intimate act shared between partners, but personal safety should always come before you do.