Custom Fleshlight: How To Build Your Own Pocket Pussy

For about the same price as a classic Fleshlight, you can build your own by choosing the orifice, sleeve, and case color — in seconds!
collage image featuring a blue fleshlight case standing upright against inch markers to designate length with a plus sign in the center and a plain pink vulva fleshlight sleeve on the right, concept of designing and building your own fleshlight pocket pussy
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Updated:January 2024

Not every Fleshlight is perfect for everyone, but as it turns out, anyone can make their perfect Fleshlight through the company’s “Build Your Own” ordering process — and it only takes a few minutes.

Fun Facts:

We always say that the best Fleshlight is the one that fits you best, so why not make a custom stroker to find your perfect fit?

I’ll walk you through designing and ordering your very own custom Fleshlight and trust me — it is way easier than you might think.

How To Order A Custom Fleshlight

animated gif showing the custom fleshlight options between the orifices and sleeve textures to demonstrate the selection process and how the image updates with your choices as you make them

Ordering a custom Fleshlight is as quick and easy as buying a ready-made one from the company.

Unless, like me, you have issues with choice paralysis.

The steps to designing a custom Fleshlight are simple:

  1. Go to the Build Your Own (BYO) page on Fleshlight
  2. Select your desired options for the orifice, texture, and case
  3. Add the design to your cart when you’re done
  4. Head to the checkout and finalize your order

First, you need to go to Fleshlight’s website and search for “Build Your Own”  — or you can click on this handy link to take you straight there.

You’ll be taken to the ordering page, which looks a lot like any other product page on Fleshlight’s site, only you’ll need to select each option you want for the orifice, texture, and case.

The first choice you’ll make is the orifice — your preferred opening.

graphic depicting the lady (vulva) and butt (anal) orifices you can choose from when ordering a custom fleshlight

Lady features a vulva opening while Butt offers a perfectly-puckered anal opening.

Neither of these is modeled after any of the Fleshlight Girls (pornstars) — they’re standard and rather basic designs.

Now for the really fun part: the texture.

There are six sleeve textures to pick from:

  • Destroya (3 intense cambers with varied nodules and ridged textures)
  • Heavenly (series of curves and ridges with wide-to-narrow chambers)
  • Mini-Lotus (varied curves and wide-to-narrow-chambers)
  • Original (smooth with no internal texture)
  • Super Tight (narrow channel, smooth with no internal texture)
  • Wonder Wave (tightly-spiraled wave texture)

As you go through the selection process, you’ll see the orifice paired with the texture so you’ll get a bit of a visual sneak peek at what the finished stroker will look like.

screenshot of the mobile view of the build your own fleshlight custom fleshlight ordering screen

Finally, you’ll choose between a black or blue casing.

Most standard Fleshlights (aside from the pornstar line) are black, so the blue color gives you an option if you want your customized design to stand out from others you already own.

image depicting two empty fleshlight cases, one blue and one black, labeled with their respective colors to depict the options available when ordering a custom fleshlight

Once you’ve made all of your selections, add the Fleshlight to your cart.

From there, the process is the same as ordering any other Fleshlight — enter your billing and shipping information, then click Place Order.

One thing that jumped out at me was the price.

Usually, ordering custom products requires an extra chunk of change but that isn’t the case with a custom Fleshlight.

Excluding tax or shipping costs, the overall price for your custom Fleshlight is $69.95 regardless of the orifice, texture, or sleeve you choose.

To put that into perspective, it’s about the same cost as any other Fleshlight Classic and about $10 less than one of the pornstar Fleshlights.

So, why not go for it?

Pros And Cons Of Custom Fleshlights

photograph of product tester justin pulling the sleeve from a fleshlight

There are some upsides and a few downsides to building your own custom Fleshlight.

Custom Fleshlight Pros

Custom Fleshlight Cons

  • There may not be as many sleeve texture options as you might want.
  • There is no option for a neutral (non-anatomical) opening, or a mouth one, for that matter.
  • There is only one basic pink skin tone available.
  • They can only be ordered directly from Fleshlight.

Are Custom Fleshlights As Good As Ready-Made Fleshlights?

In my experience, the answer is hell yeah — a custom Fleshlight is just as good as any you might purchase straight off the shelf.

Custom Fleshlights are made from the same incredible SuperSkin material the brand is already known for.

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Additionally, they’re housed in the same full-sized casing style that offers adjustable suction through the bottom cap for that luxurious Fleshlight feel we know and love.

When you Build Your Own Fleshlight, you get all of the quality found in a ready-made pocket pussy from the brand you trust — with a spin based on your exact needs.

Some might say that makes them even better.

Closing Thoughts

If you have been looking for a Fleshlight that suits all your needs, go ahead and build your own — it’s easy to do!

Making a custom pocket pussy is fast, affordable, and fun, plus it’s a perfect way to DIY a Fleshlight when you’re not into crafts.

(Although we’ve certainly got you covered there, too!)

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