How To Hide A Fleshlight Discreetly So Nobody Finds It But You!

While nothing to be ashamed of, there are many places you can discreetly hide a Fleshlight including closets, under your bed, in your hamper, and others.
split screen featuring two aerial photographs of fleshlights being hidden: in luggage on the left and in a jeans pocket hanging in the closet on the right
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Updated:November 2023

While there is absolutely nothing to hide when it comes to using a Fleshlight, it’s understandable that keeping it private for personal, safety, and sanitary reasons is important and there are plenty of places to hide it. 

Best Tips For Hiding A Fleshlight:

  • A Fleshlight can be hidden in a variety of places, including in plain sight, in a closet, under your bed, in a toolbox, in a drawer, in a checked bag (while traveling), in a safe, on a high shelf, in a hamper, or even in the trunk of your car if the weather (and temperatures) allow.
  • There are numerous places to hide your Fleshlight but they should always be stored with consideration given to hygiene and the toy’s material.
  • Different hiding places may work better than others depending on your living situation.

Finding creative places to hide your Fleshlight can actually be fun.

It gives you a sense of agency with your toy and can be a spicy little secret only you and your Fleshlight know.

Best Hiding Places For Your Fleshlight

There are a number of reasons you might want to hide your Fleshlight including privacy, hygiene, access, and personal preferences.

Hopefully, this article will inspire you to get creative about where (and how) to hide a Fleshlight — and some important things to keep in mind.

In Plain Sight

photograph of a fleshlight hiding in plain sight on a shelf with a candle, salt lamp, globe, and books

Fleshlights are designed to look like a flashlight — hence their snappy name — and sometimes the best hiding places are those in plain sight.

It may seem daring, but what are the chances somebody is going to notice a non-descript item on a bookshelf?

Who is going to be phased by a plain black container in a cabinet full of toiletries?

Why not just put it with your other flashlights in the emergency preparedness kit?

(Some might argue you really would need a Fleshlight in case of an emergency.)

Obviously, this is a little riskier if you really want to keep your Fleshlight secret and may eventually cause you to do a little more explaining than you’d like.

There is also the issue that if somebody finds it while you aren’t there, they may take it out of its sanitary container and put it back without your awareness.

This is just another reason why it’s always a good idea to clean your sex toys before using them.

Your Closet

photograph of a fleshlight pocket pussy standing upright on a closet shelf next to a stack of folded clothing as an example of a good place to hide a fleshlight while not in use

The closet is a pretty obvious choice, due to its already private nature and association with personal space.

Also, if you’re anything like me, it would take an entire team of detectives to find…pretty much anything inside there.

If you have your own closet, store the Fleshlight in a clean box or bag in a place that is remote but accessible, and out of reach for any curious cats you might have lurking around.

Closets are great because they are both accessible and private.

However, it does get a bit more complicated if your space is shared.

If you share a closet with somebody, you can store the Fleshlight in a clean bag inside a shoe box.

Your roommate, partner, or cat for that matter, will be none the wiser.

Under Your Bed

aerial photograph of a fleshlight in a shoebox poking out from beneath a bed

This offers similar benefits to hiding a Fleshlight in your closet.

If you share a closet but not a bedroom, this might be a better option.

However, if you share a bed, this could get a little dicey.

Beds are harder to divvy up by space than closets are, so if you’re really trying to be sneaky, this may not be the best option.

Also, make sure your Fleshlight is wrapped up extra well if you choose this route, as you certainly want to avoid any dust from getting on or in your toy.

A shoebox beneath your bed can be a great way to hide your toy, but keep it safe from the dust bunnies rolling around under there.

In A Toolbox

aerial photograph of a fleshlight hiding in a toolbox

Fleshlights look like basic flashlights and because of their simple, unassuming appearance, no eyebrows are likely to be raised if one is seen inside a toolbox.

(Unless, of course, someone actually tries to use it to shed light on something…)

Then again, if you’re the handyman of the house and no one else generally messes with your toolbox, it can be a great place to hide your favorite tool…for your own tool.

In A Drawer

aerial photograph of a fleshlight with its cap on inside a nightstand drawer, which looks like an industrial flashlight amid other things in the drawer including packets of personal lubricant, a pencil sharpener, a small handkerchief, and other miscellaneous items

Depending on your storage situation at home, a Fleshlight can easily be tucked away out of sight in a drawer, remaining easily accessible when you need it most.

A “junk drawer” can be a great place, since the toy looks like a regular flashlight — although that might get tricky if you live with others who think it’s a real one.

Other Drawers Of Interest™ that might be a good fit for hiding a Fleshlight include:

  • Nightstand drawer
  • Underwear drawer
  • Bathroom drawer
  • Entertainment center drawer
  • Desk drawer

Again, if you live with others who access shared spaces, the drawer you choose for Fleshlight storage might need to be one that’s private to you.

In Your Checked Bag

aerial photograph of a fleshlight among clothing packed in an open suitcase

For those of us who have traveled with sex toys, we can all relate to the fear of having a moment when a TSA agent flags our carry-on for that “suspicious-looking object.”

This is why I would opt to stow your Fleshlight in your checked bag while traveling.

The one major con here is that if your bag gets lost, so does your Fleshlight.

Then you’ll be on vacation without your favorite toy, and we hate that for you.

In Your Safe

aerial photograph of a fleshlight laying on top of a safe

If you really, REALLY must hide your Fleshlight, you could go ahead and hide it in a safe.

The pros are that it will definitely be very secure and truly hidden.

The cons are that it immediately becomes less accessible and, if you’re anything like me, you may forget the combination.

Up High

photograph taken from below the top of a shelf, angled upward toward the ceiling to show a capped fleshlight laying beside a couple of books as an example of where to hide a fleshlight

Hiding your Fleshlight on a high shelf, preferably in a closet or pantry, is a great option for those looking for a solid hiding place, especially if you’re taller than everyone else.

This is also particularly effective if you live alone and simply want to make sure it stays hidden from casual guests or overnight visitors.

It may get more complicated if you live with other people, since shelves are often shared real estate.

If this is the case, opt for one on your side of the closet, or high up in your bedroom, perhaps next to a leafy plant that will shield it if you have housemates.

In The Hamper

aerial photograph of a fleshlight laying at the bottom of a hamper with clothing in it

So, it bears repeating: if you choose this option, make SURE your Fleshlight is stored in a clean, dry, sealed container before stowing it with your dirty laundry.

Once that’s settled, putting your Fleshlight in your personal hamper is sort of the perfect hiding place if you live with people and do your own laundry.

Nobody is going to go snooping through your dirty laundry (and if they are, you have bigger problems than where to hide your Fleshlight).

That being said, this definitely does not work if you live with parents who wash your clothing, have shared laundry with a partner or roommate, work with a housecleaner, or if anybody besides you deals with your laundry.

Ideally, you will use a bag rather than a basket, so that it’s less obvious after laundry day — when only the Fleshlight remains in the bottom of it.

In Your Trunk (With Caveats)

photograph of a fleshlight hidden among various things in the trunk of a car

Note: This is ONLY a viable option if you live in a climate that never gets too hot or too cold, as extreme temperatures (of any kind) can damage the materials.

As with most other hiding places, you’ll need to put the Fleshlight in a clean container first.

Then, store it in your trunk for safekeeping.

This option is great because it allows you to easily travel with your Fleshlight and also gives you a great activity to do if you need to kill some time in your car.

Another con, however, is that it’s not very easy to clean a Fleshlight on the road.

If you are really on top of it, you can have a travel-size sex toy cleaner and some paper towels ready to go in your dashboard.

Before You Hide Your Fleshlight (Things To Consider)

Regardless of where you hide your Fleshlight, make sure it is stored in a cool, dry place and not exposed to direct sunlight so it can last as long as possible.

You want to keep it well-covered and away from any dust, debris, or animals that might want to check it out.

Also, remember to make sure you let the Fleshlight completely dry before hiding it.

Otherwise, you will have a moldy, mildewy toy on your hands that you will have to throw out, and nobody wants that.

Closing Thoughts

There are countless creative places to hide your Fleshlight, if hide it you must.

We hope this article gets your gears turning and inspires you to come up with your own innovative hiding places — because there are plenty of them to be found (so your Fleshlight won’t be).

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