What Is Giving Head & The 11 Best Tips To Try

Giving head is a term that describes performing mouth-to-genital sex with a partner (most often on a penis) and we’ll tell you how to do it well.
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Giving head refers to the act of performing oral sex or mouth-to-genital sex with a partner.

Here’s what you need to know about what giving head is:

  • Although the phrase “giving head” is most often used to describe oral sex performed on a penis (which has a “head” at its tip), it can also refer to any type of oral sex, regardless of the recipient’s gender.
  • The term “giving head” has a long history,  dating back to ancient Egypt.
  • There’s no single “right” way to give head, but certain techniques can make oral sex better for your partner.

In most cases, giving head implies performing fellatio (sucking cock) but may also indicate the act of cunnilingus (eating pussy or sucking on a clit).

As we’ll discover later on, giving head is an activity humankind has engaged in for centuries, with good reason — it can be an intensely pleasurable and intimate experience for everyone involved, and it’s easy to do it well.

Things To Know

What Does Giving Head Mean?

Just what does it mean to give someone head, exactly?

It ultimately boils down to giving someone mouth-to-genital sex — also known as oral sex.

While the term often refers to sucking dick (fellatio), it can describe oral sex for all genders.

The receiver is the one getting head while the person pleasuring their partner orally is the one giving head.

This popular sex act sometimes ends in ejaculation.

Performed on a woman, it usually means cunnilingus and involves using the tongue, lips, and mouth on the clitoris, labia, and vagina.

Performed on a man, giving head involves using the tongue, lips, and mouth on the penis.

This can be combined with the use of one’s hands to make for an even more amazing experience for the partner on the receiving end.

Giving head is known by many terms that include:

Whatever you call it, the activity is far from a modern concept.

The term “giving head” dates back to ancient Egypt, where the goddess Isis was rumored to “blow” life back into Osiris by sucking his clay penis.

The Kama Sutra even devoted an entire chapter to oral sex, called “auparishtaka” (also known as mouth congress) which is performed in various positions.

As a slang idiom to modern ears, to “give head” was first used in 1956 and was officially added to The Chamber’s Dictionary (1998) as a slang term meaning “to perform oral sex” and also “serve head.”

The popular synonym “blow job” came into usage around 1933, though it may have been in use since the 1600s.

It may also have been used by sex workers to proposition soldiers during World War II.

One of the earliest uses of “give head” in print was strangely enough in Mademoiselle: The Magazine for the Smart Young Woman, Volume 95 (1989).

Because obviously “giving head” was something all smart young women needed to learn about.

11 Tips For Giving GOOD Head

Giving head is easier than you think and it’s a sexy, invaluable skill in your erotic arsenal, as oral sex is one of the most popular sexual acts.

Knowing how to give the best head step-by-step begins with putting a penis in your mouth or licking the clitoris (and sucking on the clit) if you’re performing on a vulva owner.

Then, it requires using your lips and tongue to stimulate the genitals.

But there’s more to it than that.

Here are several things you can do to give good head:

  • 1. Consider your sexual health.

Oral sex is a common way to contract an STD, and not all symptoms are obvious. Unless you and your partner have been tested recently or are in a long-term exclusive relationship, be sure to use a condom or dental dam.

  • 2. Always communicate your preferences with each other.

Get consent on things like perineum play, ball play, dirty talk, or anything else you want to do.

  • 3. Use your hands.

Wrap them around the shaft (spit on them first to reduce friction or use an edible lube). Stroke, squeeze, or give him a handjob while you’re sucking dick. This can also help manage length if deep-throating is difficult for you.

  • 4. Use your tongue with purpose.

A pointed tip is more intense, while a flatter one covers more area. Swirl your tongue around the tip or clit like you’re slurping up soft serve, and press it flat and wide against their shaft or labia.

  • 5. Follow your partner’s cues on what they like.

If they prefer you use your tongue one way but not another, listen and do what they like – not what you think you’re supposed to do.

  • 6. Knowing how to give a guy head sometimes requires getting sloppy.

The wetter the blowjob, the more comfortable it will likely be. Spitting can accomplish this, but lube is a good alternative if you’d prefer not to spit.

  • 7. Kneeling isn’t required.

You can sit beside your partner if that’s more comfortable on your knees, which can also change the sensation and allow you to put your booty on display.

  • 8. Bring sex toys into the mix for a more mutually satisfying session.

If you can multitask, use one hand to hold a vibrator or any sex toy on yourself or turn to an angle where your partner can pleasure you with their hands or mouth.

  • 9. If you have gag reflex issues, don’t start with deep-throating.

It can make your throat hurt or cause you to vomit. As an alternative, you can direct the penis towards the roof of your mouth instead of down into the throat. You can also curl your tongue toward the roof of your mouth to act as a “barrier” of sorts — one that helps to keep the penis from hitting the back of your throat (even accidentally).

  • 10. Discuss whether you’ll spit or swallow before you begin.

If you don’t want to swallow, this can help avoid an unpleasant surprise. Cumming on the face, chest, or another body part can be just as hot – as long as both partners are into it.

  • 11. To give good head to a woman, don’t spell the alphabet on her clit.

Instead, kiss, lick, and/or spread the labia. You can also gently suck on the clit. But remember, build up to the main event rather than starting with the clit as some people are very sensitive here.

Best Flavored & Edible Lubes For Good Head

If you’re looking for a flavored or edible lubricant to try while giving head, our team taste-tested and tried a bunch — our top recommendations are below.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re into blow jobs, going down, deep throating, bob knobbing, gobbling his knob, hummers, giving brain, head-banging, or sucking dick, you’re not alone.

There’s no doubt that giving head will continue to be a popular pastime for decades and centuries to come.

There are so many ways to make blow jobs mutually satisfying for both men and women, so have fun with it!