What Is Giving Head?

Giving head refers to the act of performing oral sex or mouth-to-genital sex.
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Q: What Is Giving Head?
A: Giving head refers to the act of performing oral sex or mouth-to-genital sex. In most cases, it implies performing fellatio (sucking cock) but may also indicate the act of cunnilingus (eating pussy).

While you may have heard the term “giving head” and know its meaning, you might not be aware of how it and others slang terms like it came to be a part of our vocabulary, including ancient history.

It was first traced back to ancient Egypt where the goddess Isis was said to have “blew” life back into Osiris by sucking his clay penis. (There’s no information about whether or not it was a shower or a grower, but I admit to being curious…)

The Kama Sutra devoted an entire chapter to oral sex, called “auparishtaka” (aka mouth congress) which is performed in various positions.

Giving head has been chronicled in almost every ancient society since then with both positive and negative associations.

As a vulgar idiom, to “give head” was first used in 1956 and was officially added to The Chamber’s Dictionary (1998) as a slang term meaning “to perform oral sex” and also “serve head”.

The popular synonym “blow job” came into usage around 1933, but may have been in usage since the 1600s, used by prostitutes to proposition soldiers during the 2nd World War.

There is a lot of debate on how the term evolved, but some theories say it was derived from the phrases: “blowing off steam” or “below job” which then became “blow job.”

It may also have evolved from the euphemism for suck (aka: to blow), or could refer to the explosive eruption of sperm during orgasm (blast, blow).

The “head” part of the term can be a bit confusing. It is speculated that it refers to one’s head going down on the other person’s genitals, rather than the head of a penis, however, the true etymology is unknown.

One of the earliest uses of “give head” in print was strangely enough in Mademoiselle: The Magazine for the Smart Young Woman, Volume 95 (1989)… because obviously “giving head” was something all smart young women needed to learn about.

Oral sex — or any type of sex that was not used to procreate for that matter — was considered a taboo and even a moral sin, while giving or receiving a blow job was regarded as a felony in most states until the 1950s.

It didn’t become a common sexual practice in mainstream society among heterosexuals until the late 1960s, early 1970s.

It was first referenced in Mario Puzo’s blockbuster book, The Godfather (1969) with a brief paragraph that mentions a blow job. “Giving head” became all the rage by 1972, with the début of the infamous “porno chic” film Deep Throat.

Today, oral sex is one of the most popular sexual practices with approximately 550,000 monthly searches on Google and about 875,000,000 results.

That’s a hell of a lot of people searching for ways to improve their erotic oral sex skills!

And, we even have a special day devoted to giving head, Steak and Blow Job Day which falls on March 14th. Incidentally, Cake and Cunnilingus Day is March 21st. So, you have at least two days a year to celebrate this deliciously sexy act!

Whether you are into blow jobs, going down, deep throating, bob knobbing, gobbling his knob, hummers, giving brain, head-banging, sucking dick or sucky-fucky, one thing is certain — it looks like giving head will continue to be a popular pastime for decades to come.

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