Womanizer Wave Review: A Showerhead Designed for Masturbation

You’ll never look at showers the same after trying the Womanizer Wave – a beautiful and discreet hand-held shower head designed for masturbation.
aerial photo of the womanizer wave shower head with its box on a black shelf surrounded by plants and a salt lamp
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Updated:October 2023

Have you ever switched the settings on your hand-held shower head and thought, “I wonder if that’s better than my vibrator…?”

As it turns out, sometimes it really can be.

The Womanizer Wave — the first shower head designed by a sex toy company — was made for everyone who loves to masturbate in the shower.

First Of It's Kind
Womanizer Wave
  • Touchless, Hands-Free Stimulation
  • Easy To Adjust Settings, Intensity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Completely Discreet “Sex Toy”
  • Simple To Install, 5-Year Warranty
  • Will Not Get Everyone Off
  • Does Not Include Hose
  • May Not Work With Low Water Pressure
  • Handle Is Slippery When Wet
Bottom Line: As the first shower head designed with clitoral stimulation in mind, the Womanizer Wave is probably the most discreet sex toy you’ll ever own because its unassuming appearance gives no indication of the power (or pleasure) it holds. Available in a solid black, white, or chrome finish, it offers three settings and an easy-slide button to adjust the water’s intensity to your liking whether you’re getting clean — or just getting down.
$119.00 @ Womanizer $119.00 @ Lovehoney

At first glance, the Womanizer Wave looks like a slightly fancier version of a basic shower head, featuring a sleek chrome-like finish and an elongated design.

If you install the Wave in your own shower, people might assume that you like nice things — but they’ll have no idea they’re actually staring at a sex toy.

According to Womanizer, 76% of users are able to get off while using the Wave, the world’s first stimulation shower head.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t among them — although my fellow product tester and our editor-in-chief, Alison, was.

While I didn’t experience mind-blowing orgasms while masturbating with the Wave, I believe it has potential — for the right person (and the right water pressure).

Our Research, Testing & Review Methodology

  • Womanizer Wave Specifications: Three pleasure settings, intensity slider, user-friendly design, discreet, easy to install, attaches to most hand-held shower hoses (not included).
  • Tested By: Kayla Lords, Alison Huff
  • Total Testing Time: 31 hours (as of 7/3/2023)

Our Hands-On Experience Using The Womanizer Wave

aerial photograph of the womanizer wave in a box with its packaging, resting on a soft towel surrounded by pillows

Shower masturbation is pretty easy and can be done with just about any hand-held shower head, but the Wave was literally designed for it.

It has three spray settings — far fewer than my old standard shower head, I might add — and an intensity slider to adjust the water flow.

The basic settings on the Womanizer Wave Shower Head include:

  1. PowderRain: This is a soft, gentle fall of water that’s great for showering but did nothing for my clit (aside from rinsing it off). Fellow tester, Alison, agreed — it simply offers a soothing, rain-like experience.
  2. PleasureWhirl: This setting provides three moving, twisting streams of water for gentle stimulation. It was nice, but did nothing special for me. Alison, however, found that it hit all the right spots as long as the water flow was at its highest intensity.
  3. PleasureJet: This provides an intense, concentrated stream of water that surrounded my clitoris — which I enjoy — and was by far my favorite setting. It was too strong for Alison to masturbate with, although she noted that “it’s an amazing setting for scalp massage.” 

I already knew I wanted to replace my old hand-held shower when I received the opportunity to try the Womanizer Wave.

Thankfully, I have a handy partner who knows exactly what to do when presented with a brand-new shower head to install — although you don’t need to be a master plumber to do it yourself.

Because our previous one was similar, it was extremely easy for my partner to swap the old for the new, but it’s important to note that the Womanizer Wave is only a replacement shower head.

photograph of product tester alison holding the womanizer wave while showing the end of it, referencing its installation onto a hose

If you don’t already have an existing shower hose, you’ll need to purchase and install one.

We needed to replace our hose, anyway, so this wasn’t a big deal for us — but I don’t want you to be surprised when the Wave arrives on your doorstep without one attached (or in the box).

One thing we discovered during installation is that you need to tighten it well, or it will leak everywhere.

Once that’s settled, using the Wave is as simple as taking a shower.

photograph of womanizer wave's powder rain setting with text labeling it as such

Turn the water on, press the button on the ergonomic shower head to toggle through its settings, and use the slider to adjust the water’s intensity.

It couldn’t be easier to use.

The settings cycle through PowderRain, PleasureWhirl, and PleasureJet, respectively — each with a click of a button.

photograph of womanizer wave's pleasure whirl setting with text overlay labeling it as such

Sadly, even though I masturbated with the Womanizer Wave on multiple occasions, it was never quite enough to get me off.

Although PleasureJet (the highest-intensity water flow) is my favorite, none of the settings had enough power behind them.

photograph of womanizer wave's pleasure jet setting with text overlay labeling it as such

Because I really wanted the Wave to work for me, I tried every range of intensity I could — but the perfect shower orgasm was not to be.

At least not for me.

I’ve only masturbated in the shower a few times in the past because it’s not usually enough stimulation to get me off.

I keep trying anyway because, on the right setting, the water always feels really nice — and sometimes it works.

photograph of the womanizer wave being held in a hand inside of a shower stall

I had high hopes for the Womanizer Wave because it’s designed specifically for pleasure.

That said, I just also happen to have a clit that prefers high-powered vibrations — and the Wave, although a combined shower head, couldn’t give me what I needed.

Was it because of a lack of water pressure?


Am I just wired for big vibrators instead of jets of water?


But am I still using the Womanizer Wave as a shower head even though I’m not getting off with it?


I wouldn’t purchase this as a replacement for your current shower head if you already know that watery orgasms are difficult for you.

But if you regularly masturbate in the shower, it’s definitely something to consider.

The design is ergonomic so finding the right angle is easy, and the button and intensity slider couldn’t be any simpler to use.

For masturbation in the shower, the Wave is a definite upgrade.

This is one sex toy you don’t have to hide and it’s legitimately discreet because it looks like nothing more than a fancy shower head.

What Is The Womanizer Wave?

what is the womanizer wave

The Womanizer Wave is a two-in-one pleasure shower head to masturbate with while also taking a luxurious shower.

What you get in the box is a high-quality shower head (available in a black, white, or chrome finish) and an adapter to attach to your existing connection.

What you don’t get is a shower hose, so you’ll need to have one — or plan to purchase one.

Hoses are available at home improvement stores, big box retailers, and any place you can purchase plumbing supplies, online or in-person.

How Does The Womanizer Wave Work?

The Womanizer Wave may be the easiest “sex toy” you’ll ever use for hands-free masturbation.

The Wave has a simple design that includes three water settings: PowderRain, PleasureWhirl, and PleasureJet.

There’s a large button to easily switch between settings, and the Wave’s intuitive slide adjuster makes it easy to increase the water pressure (or turn it down).

Designed to look and function like a regular hand-held shower head — because it basically is one — all you need to do is turn on your shower water.

How Do I Use The Womanizer Wave?

Before you can use the Wave, you need to install it.

The steps are fairly easy, especially if you’re already using a hand-held shower head with an existing hose:

  1. Remove your old shower head from its hose.
  2. Attach the Wave in its stead by screwing it onto the end of the hose.
  3. Turn on your shower water and find your perfect setting.

If you don’t currently have a hose attached to your water connection (at the base of the wall of your shower), you’ll need to install one first.

From there, how you use the Womanizer Wave in the shower is up to you and you can use it alone (obviously) or with a partner.

Play with the different settings to find what feels best and make sure to explore the intensity slider — that will help you to figure out how much (or little) water pressure you need for optimal stimulation.

Tease yourself with different settings and don’t forget: This shower head sex toy is not just for your clit.

You might try this water massage clitoral stimulator on your nipples and other erogenous zones or on your partner’s most sensitive spots, too.

Or if you just want to get down to business and get on with your day, turn up the intensity on the pleasure jet and aim it right at your clit.

Do whatever works for you.

Womanizer Wave Top Features

aerial photograph of the womanizer wave fully unboxed featuring its packaging, the shower head, and all included documentation

The Womanizer Wave is a sex toy that lives a double life as a shower head.

It needs to do both jobs well — provide pleasure and enough water to take a good, hot shower.

Here are the top features of the Wave that make it functional and pleasurable:

  • Completely Discreet
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Easy To Use
  • Three Settings To Choose From
  • Simple Intensity Control

Completely Discreet

photograph of the womanizer wave installed in a shower, with text that reads: the discreet design of the womanizer wave looks like any other shower head (not a sex toy)

Instead of a vibrator that might get clocked as a sex toy, the Womanizer Wave is the pinnacle of discretion and a truly outstanding crossover if you enjoy an opulent shower with a little something sexy on the side.

It’s a literal shower head.

It looks like one, it acts like one, and there’s absolutely nothing about it that screams “SEX TOY!” to the untrained eye.

Sure, someone might suspect that you masturbate in the shower, but they can’t know for sure unless they’re in there with you.

There is a small “W” logo (for Womanizer) imprinted on the back of it, but someone would need to 1) look at it, and 2) recognize the logo to have any idea the shower head was made by a sex toy company.

Your secret is safe.


photograph of a hand holding the womanizer wave box in front of a black and white gridded shower curtain

Don’t feel like masturbating today?

No worries!

The Womanizer Wave still gets you clean and rinses you off as well as any other shower head.

(Because that’s what it is!)

Some sex toys are considered multi-purpose because you can get yourself off in multiple ways.

But how many toys are made for both practical and pleasurable use?

The Wave might be the first of its kind.

Fellow tester, Alison, noted that the PleasureJet setting (the most intense one) is fantastic for scalp massage during what she lovingly refers to as “migraine days.”

You can use this shower head in so many ways, no matter what your day is looking like — whether you want a sensual massage, a quick orgasm, or simply need to wash your hair.

Easy To Use

photograph of product tester kayla holding up the womanizer box while pointing to it during her review

Using the Womanizer Wave is as simple as getting in the shower and turning on the water.

Finding the right setting is as easy as pushing a button.

My old shower head required a bit of muscle to turn the dial, probably because it was so old.

Alison mentioned the same thing — her previous hand-held shower head had been in place for about 13 years and she’d long since given up hope of ever being able to adjust it.

The Wave is a breath of fresh air in that regard.

One button, one slider, and no dials that can get gummed up over time.

Three Settings To Choose From

photograph of the womanizer wave held in hand with a finger over the single button to adjust its settings with text that reads: simple one-button control cycles through spray settings

My previous shower head had several settings, but that’s not always the case for everyone.

Many shower heads give you one option, and if that doesn’t get you off, tough luck.

The Womanizer Wave provides three settings for sensation, pleasure, and rinsing:

  • PowderRain: soft water flow across many small jets
  • PleasureWhirl: three whirling streams of water
  • PleasureJet: intense and direct water flow

You can switch between them based on your needs and your mood, all with the click of a button.

I love the PleasureJet setting (on high) for rinsing my hair.

Simple Intensity Control

photograph of the womanizer wave in a hand to demonstrate the intensity slider with text that reads: slide adjustment for water intensity (with an arrow pointing to it)

This may be, for me, the most revolutionary option in a shower head — regardless of how I’m using it.

Being able to turn the force of the water up or down is amazing!

The slider really slides, so it doesn’t take much effort.

If I’m feeling more sensitive one day, I can keep it low.

And if I need something more intense, I can turn it up.

Even if you’re not masturbating and just want to focus the water on a stiff muscle, the intuitive controls will definitely come in handy.

The Pros And Cons Of The Womanizer Wave

photograph of the womanizer wave next to its box on a black shelf with a salt lamp on the left and a small plant on the right

Because I didn’t get off, you might think I disliked the Womanizer Wave, but you’d be wrong.

No product (sex toy or shower head) is perfect, but there’s still plenty to enjoy.

Womanizer Wave Pros:

  • Probably the most discreet sex toy you’ll ever have
  • Works well as a regular shower when you don’t feel like masturbating
  • Three settings (with single button control) give you options to find the stimulation you like best
  • You can easily control the intensity of the water jets (and stimulation) with a sliding button
  • Settings are simple to cycle through with the click of a button
  • Comfortable one-handed control and an ergonomic shape
  • Effortless installation, as long as you already have a shower hose
  • Manufactured by a trusted pleasure brand (Womanizer) in conjunction with bathroom experts, Hansgrohe

Womanizer Wave Cons

  • You have to have a shower hose for full installation
  • If your water pressure isn’t good, it might not perform at its best
  • The lightest setting (PowderRain) may feel like nothing special, especially if you’re used to heavier water droplets
  • It may not be worth the expense if you don’t usually orgasm through shower head masturbation — or if you don’t know whether you can
  • Although ergonomically designed, the smooth chrome-like handle can be slippery when wet (or soapy)

Overall, Alison and I both really enjoy using this shower head.

The only “problematic” issues are potential ones based on your own shower situation at home.

For instance, the Wave doesn’t come with a hose so if your shower doesn’t already have one, you’re gonna have to buy that separately.

Once that’s attached, however, you should be able to install Womanizer Wave easily.

Additionally, the PowderRain (basic shower) setting is a light, rain-like spray.

This feels lovely on the skin, but if your water pressure is not great, it may be too light to get the job done during a regular shower.

“I was worried about how well this would rinse my long hair,” fellow tester, Alison, said.

“Thankfully, it does just fine — as long as the intensity is at its highest setting.”

She explained that being on a well, her water uses a pressure tank, and especially with her bathroom being on the second floor, the water pressure sometimes wanes every few minutes while taking a shower.

“While the Wave works great, I can see how it might not fare as well in homes with softer water pressure, so that’s an important thing to consider before you purchase it,” she added.

I mentioned earlier that PleasureJet is my favorite setting for rinsing my hair — and this might be a solution to low-water-pressure situations, especially if it’s on its highest intensity setting.

Is The Womanizer Wave Safe?

photograph of kayla holding the womanizer wave shower head while talking about it

The Womanizer Wave is as safe as any other shower head.

For most people, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about — although there are some things to be aware of.

  • Don’t spray the water directly into your vagina.

Using the water on and around your vulva is perfectly fine, but water spray entering the vaginal canal carries similar risks to douching (potentially introducing bacteria, upsetting vaginal flora, and increasing your risk of infection).

  • Keep the water at a safe temperature and pressure. 

You might enjoy a boiling hot shower, but your clit may not appreciate it — especially if you’re using the PleasureJet setting on its highest intensity.

Make sure to set the water to a safe and comfortable temperature when using the Wave for masturbation.

Keep an eye on the water pressure and adjust as needed.

If the water’s intensity is too low, you might not feel the full effect — although a bit of a bummer, perhaps, it isn’t unsafe.

Have the shower head’s water pressure set too high, though, and it might feel like you’re sand-blasting your own clit.

  • Monitor the hose for leaks over time.

Finally, you’ll want to watch for leaks at the hose, which aren’t necessarily unsafe but can contribute to mold growth in your shower and to water waste.

To fix this, simply tighten the connector a bit more.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to purchase a new washer for the connector.

Womanizer Wave Vs. Regular Shower Head

photograph of product tester alison holding the womanizer wave while pointing to some of its water jets

So, how does the Womanizer Wave compare to a regular showerhead?

It depends on the type of shower head you’re currently using, and whether you typically masturbate in the shower.

  • The Wave is designed specifically for masturbation while a regular shower head isn’t (although the latter is often used as a DIY vibrator for hands-free masturbation).
  • Some (but not all) shower heads offer more settings compared to the three you get with the Wave.
  • Not all shower heads require a hose, but the Wave does.
  • It’s easier to switch shower settings on the Wave than it is for some other shower heads, many of which feature dials or levers. Over time, dials especially are prone to sticking or being next to impossible to turn.

As I said earlier, I wouldn’t recommend buying the Womanizer Wave if you’re not already using your shower head to masturbate.


There’s no guarantee it will get you off.

If all you need is a new shower head — minus orgasms — there are more affordable options (with more settings) available.

However, if you’re the type of person who loves a few extra minutes in the shower to masturbate, the Womanizer Wave may be perfect for you.

It’s designed specifically for pleasure, after all.

Why Trust Our Review

photograph of hand reaching for womanizer wave shower head installed in product tester kayla's shower

For starters, we are real people who have actually tried the Womanizer Wave.

Mine is still installed, as is Alison’s.

This is the first time we’ve tried a product like the Womanizer Wave, but that’s because it’s the first of its kind.

And clearly, these are our real opinions because I’m openly admitting that it didn’t get me off but I still think it has potential.

That being said, the team at Women’s Health Interactive only tests products that we believe are reasonably safe and effective.

We also only work with brands we trust.

Womanizer is an established sex toy brand known for producing high-quality and impressive sex toys.

They use body-safe materials and put real thought into the design and use of their products.

Alison and I have both been using the Wave almost daily since installing it — it’s become a fixture in our showers and like all products we review, we’d never recommend anything to you that we wouldn’t also recommend to our family and friends.

Where To Buy

I really wanted the Womanizer Wave to work for me, and I was excited to try it.

Although it didn’t get me off, I’m not completely unhappy with my experience — it’s a decent shower head on its own.

First Of It's Kind
Womanizer Wave
  • Touchless, Hands-Free Stimulation
  • Easy To Adjust Settings, Intensity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Completely Discreet “Sex Toy”
  • Simple To Install, 5-Year Warranty
  • Will Not Get Everyone Off
  • Does Not Include Hose
  • May Not Work With Low Water Pressure
  • Handle Is Slippery When Wet
Bottom Line: As the first shower head designed with clitoral stimulation in mind, the Womanizer Wave is probably the most discreet sex toy you’ll ever own because its unassuming appearance gives no indication of the power (or pleasure) it holds. Available in a solid black, white, or chrome finish, it offers three settings and an easy-slide button to adjust the water’s intensity to your liking whether you’re getting clean — or just getting down.
$119.00 @ Womanizer $119.00 @ Lovehoney

Look, no sex toy works for everyone.

Our bodies and needs are all different, and the Womanizer Wave is no exception.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

Think about what gets you off, and if that’s possible in the shower.

If so, take a look at the Wave — you might never look at showers quite the same way again.