Fleshlight Dildos: Everything You Need To Know

Although Fleshlight is “known” for male masturbation sleeves and pocket pussies, it also carries a wide range of dildos.
two-panel image featuring fleshlight's golden rose dildo in a hand on the left and manuel ferrara laying in a pool while holding a dildo modeled after his own penis
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Updated:August 2023

Fleshlight never ceases to amaze us because, in addition to masturbation sleeves modeled after famous porn stars, you can enjoy similar high-quality, sexy models you know and love — but in dildo form!

Key Takeaways:

  • Although Fleshlight is “known” for masturbation sleeves, it carries a wide range of dildos that can be enjoyed by people of any gender or sexual orientation.
  • Made from silicone, Fleshlight dildos are available in different shapes and sizes — with many of them being modeled after some of the hottest male adult film performers.
  • Surprisingly, some Fleshlight dildos are uncircumcised and have a foreskin at the head of the penis, which is an uncommon design option (in the world of dildos) that lends a more realistic feel when that’s what you’re after.
  • You can opt for realistic skin tones or vivid colors.
  • Fleshlight dildos are known for their pleasurable sensation, durability, and varied options.
  • You can use Fleshlight dildos anally, vaginally, or orally.

Fleshlights aren’t just for penises — even if male masturbation toys have become synonymous with the brand name.

The company manufactures an impressive range of dildos to suit the sexual preferences of many, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Fleshlight Dildos: What To Know

sexy photograph of unclothed man leaning back in a leather chair while holding a fleshlight dildo in his hand

While Fleshlight dildos may look like a regular dildo, don’t be fooled.

There are a number of things that set them apart from their standard counterparts and with a range of options available, these innovative adult toys offer a diverse and satisfying experience.

Fleshlight dildos are sex toys designed to mimic the feel of real flesh.

They come in various shapes and sizes, catering to different preferences and desires.

Fleshlight dildos are made from soft silicone, which enhances the overall sensation.

Types Of Fleshlight Dildos

Fleshlight primarily offers two main types of dildos, although there is a wide range of options within each.

Realistic Dildos ($69.95)

photograph of man's bare chest with a realistic dildo from fleshlight in his hand

Modeled after the real-life anatomy of adult film stars like Johnny Sims, Manuel Ferrara, Ryan Driller, and Mick Blue, some of these are uncircumcised and represent a variety of shapes and sizes.

HerSpot Dildos ($29.95)

product photograph of a pink herspot dildo from fleshlight against a white background

These are a great option for folks who would prefer their dildo to look less like a real penis. They come in pretty colors like cobalt lily, golden rose, and plum orchid. Each of the three models has a slightly different shape and angle and you can choose from small, medium, or large.

There is also the Couple Goals pack, which offers a Fleshlight dildo combo modeled after adult film stars Manuel Ferrara and Kayden Kross for exciting partner play.

product photograph featuring a combination of a fleshlight vulva, dildo, fleshlube, and two porn stars representing the couples goals collection from fleshlight

Benefits Of A Fleshlight Dildo

Dildos from Fleshlight offer many of the same benefits when compared to other sex toys of this nature — along with a few extras.

  • Realistic sensation: The lifelike silicone material and intricate textures (or skin tones) offer a more authentic experience compared to traditional dildos crafted from other materials.
  • Pleasure control: Users can adjust the intensity of stimulation by changing their grip and pace.
  • Safe material: High-quality Fleshlight dildos are made from body-safe silicone. Although many other dildos are, as well, plenty of others are crafted from less-safe materials like jelly rubber (which should be avoided).
  • Variety: Fleshlight offers you a range of options when it comes to the look, feel, shape, and size of its dildos — including uncircumcised models. What’s not to love?
  • Harness compatible: Most of Fleshlight’s dildos are compatible with a harness, so they are a great option for partnered sex play or pegging.

Disadvantages Of Fleshlight Dildos

Although there are plenty of good things to note about Fleshlight Dildos, there are a couple of disadvantages.

  • Price: Compared to others, some Fleshlight dildos can be a bit on the pricy side — particularly those modeled after porn stars, which run about $70 (not including tax or shipping).
  • Cleaning hassle: Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to maintaining the lifespan of your Fleshlight dildo, but can be time-consuming (although no more than compared to any other dildo).
  • No silicone lube: Being crafted from silicone, Fleshlight dildos cannot be used with silicone-based lube, as it can degrade their materials.

Are Fleshlights Dildos Good — Or When Compared To Alternatives?

Everybody is different, so what might be “good” for one person, could be not-so-good for another.

That being said, Fleshlight dildos have a great track record and are loved by many for their realistic feel.

When compared to others, Fleshlight dildos stand out due to their:

  • Superior sensation: The unique textures and soft material provide a more satisfying experience compared to budget alternatives.
  • Realism: Many Fleshlight dildos are designed to closely mimic the look and feel of real skin and in some cases, that includes the exact penis shape of a popular adult film performer — right down to the foreskin, if they have one.
  • Durability: Fleshlight dildos are built to last and can withstand regular use when cared for properly.

Best Fleshlight Dildos To Try

product photograph of manuel ferrara's fleshlight dildoIf you’re in the market for a realistic dildo, Manuel Ferrara’s dildo is one of the top options.

Featuring an insertable length of 6.5″ (not including his balls), the full length of him is 7.75″ with a flesh tone that’s as close to his real member as you can possibly get.

Ferrara has earned five “Best Male Performer” AVN awards and with a dedicated fan base, continues to be a favorite from Fleshlight’s line of realistic dildos.

product photograph of the golden rose fleshlight dildoIf you’re looking for something a little more playful (and colorful), the Golden Rose Dildo is the top seller for HerSpot Dildos.

Available in three sizes (small, 5.35″; medium, 6″; large, 7″), this gorgeous dildo is crafted from platinum-cured silicone and features a beautiful pink marbling effect across its smooth surface.

It’s easily one of the prettiest toys we’ve seen and it’s compatible with not only harnesses but suction cups and dildo handles.

Should I Buy A Fleshlight Dildo?

If you enjoy penetrative sex and are interested in a realistic experience, Fleshlight dildos could be a wonderful option for you.

Ensure you find one with dimensions you like, and decide if you prefer a more realistic porn-star model, or the fun-colored HerSpot option.

It’s important to decide whether you’d like to use your dildo anally or vaginally (or both) to ensure you pick the right one in terms of length, girth, or curvature.

Finally, there is the price to consider.

Fleshlight dildos based on popular porn stars run about twice as much as those that do not.

It’s worth thinking about whether this is an investment you’re willing (and excited) to make.

Where To Buy A Fleshlight Dildo

We recommend buying Fleshlight dildos directly from Fleshlight’s website.

They have the widest variety available and an easy interface for exploring their entire collection.

Plus, Fleshlight ships discreetly — we know this for certain because we tested it ourselves!

How To Use A Fleshlight Dildo

Using a Fleshlight dildo is the same as any other dildo — apply lube, insert, and play with it in whatever ways feel best to you.

Water-based lubricant is what you’ll want to reach for, as Fleshlight dildos are crafted from silicone.

If using your dildo anally, you will want to use an anal-safe lubricant that’s compatible with the toy’s silicone material — or cover its surface with a condom.

Remember, you can also use dildos in your mouth if fellatio turns you on.

No matter how you play, always clean your toys after use and between orifices during use.

Closing Thoughts

Fleshlight dildos offer a realistic sexual experience suiting a wide range of preferences and desires.

Whether you are playing solo or together with a partner, Fleshlight dildos are a fantastic addition to the bedroom any night of the week.

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