19 Weird & Unique Fleshlights You Have To See To Believe

Feet, aliens, monsters, and more! Weird and unique Fleshlights abound. Some are real, while others are made by creative folks looking to have a little fun.
split-screen image featuring a large foot-shaped fleshlight on the left and one modeled after a character from monsters, inc. on the right
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Updated:January 2024

Despite the fact that many realistic masturbators and porn-star-inspired strokers are still obvious bestsellers, there are also plenty of weird-ass and funny Fleshlights — and people that are obsessed with them. 

While Fleshlight has designed some of these for their Fleshlight Freaks line, many strange Fleshlights on the internet have been designed by some creative sex toy companies and amateur DIY innovators alike.

Weirdest Fleshlights You Won’t Believe Exist

From slightly creepy to downright frightening, there’s really no limit to weird Fleshlights when human creativity (or ingenuity) is involved in the making.

And sometimes, ideas for Fleshlights are simply just wishful thinking or really funny jokes passed around the internet.

For instance, a snake fleshlight isn’t something that really exists (although there are plenty of entertaining images associated with them), and banana Fleshlights…well, apparently folks masturbate with banana peels.

(Yes, really.)

Similarly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Disney Fleshlight or Jabba the Slut Fleshlight unless a crafter on Etsy or Instagram takes the project on, but there are loads of weird Fleshlights to enjoy nonetheless.

Looking for specific novelty Fleshlights? Click through this list to navigate each one:

Foot Fleshlight

photograph of a foot-inspired fleshlight featuring four large toes with french manicured nails and a clear case designed to look like a glass slipper

The foot fleshlight is one of Malek Lazri’s inventions that’s catered not to monster lovers but to those with a foot fetish.

And anyone who appreciates a nice French pedicure. Dubbed the Cinderelli Ugly Stepsister Glass Slippa, this truly is a work of art.

Anime Fleshlight (Hentai)

composite image featuring a product box for an anime-themed fleshlight along with the actual stroker on the left in larger display

Fans of anime likely rejoiced when “Fleshlights” and strokers modeled after their favorite characters became available.

Featuring a smooth surface with a cartoonish vulva that might be a little off-putting to some, we imagine these have fulfilled countless anime fantasies around the globe.

A Bugs Life Fleshlight

split screen photograph of a bug's life fleshlight, a close up view on the left and a farther away view on the right

If you ever felt nostalgic about the pudgy caterpillar from A Bug’s Life, this funny Fleshlight is an X-rated homage to the Pixar flick.

Alas, it can’t be penetrated, which is interesting given that this thing was priced at $2,000 when it was put up for auction.

Horse Fleshlight

photograph of a fleshlight sleeve designed to look like a horse's giant vulva

Bestiality in real life is disturbing, so please don’t harass some poor horse with your fantasies.

People who are into fantasy can indulge, but it’s gonna be a resounding nope for us.

Furry Fleshlight

photograph of a hand-made fleshlight made from fake fur material

Although anyone can make a “Fleshlight” out of a stuffed animal (simply cut a hole where the you-know has to go) legit furry fleshlights can be found on Etsy and other vendors that specialize in unique wares such as these.

The example above was listed at $230 on Etsy at the time of this writing, and although we’re betting it feels nice, it’s probably a bitch to clean.

Minion Fleshlight

photograph of a plushie minion with a hole cut out at the groin, featuring the vulva of a fleshlight someone inserted inside of it

Someone put a Fleshlight in a minion plushie, and it’s a DIY masterpiece.

There’s something so wrong but so right about this cartoon creation.

Who said you can’t make your own fun?

Shrek Fleshlight

split-screen photograph showing two views of a fleshlight designed to look like shrek, featuring one of the ogre's ear holes as the orifice

Mastermind Malek Lazri designed this Shrek-themed Fleshlight with an opening that weirdly looks like one of the ogre’s ears.

This green beauty even comes with a little medieval Renaissance vest.

Alien Fleshlight (Avatar)

product photograph of blue fleshlight alien masturbator

Ever wonder what a Fleshlight alien-themed masturbator or Avatar Fleshlight might look like?

Now, you don’t have to.

This bizarre blue xenomorph Fleshlight makes us think of that opera singer from the Fifth Element and is the perfect sci-fi chic sex toy for those looking to get it on with an alien pussy.

Cyborg Fleshlight

photograph of the cyborg (robot) fleshlight, part of the company's freaks line

A must-have that Fleshlight cyborg lovers won’t be able to get enough of, this original Cyborg Fleshlight first came on the market in 2011, merging a human and robot vag for an unforgettable Terminator aesthetic.

Alas, this Fleshlight robot hybrid is no longer for sale.

Vampire Fleshlight

photograph of a fleshlight featuring bat wings as the labia, part of the company's freaks line

This Vampire Fleshlight has some pretty creative labia on it that resembles Dracula’s bat wings.

Anyone into erotic Twilight fan fiction would have a blast with this.

Frankenstein Fleshlight

photograph of the frankenstein fleshlight, part of the company's freaks line

A Fleshlight monster anyone would be proud to jerk off to, the Frankenstein Fleshlight is the perfect fantasy masturbator for anyone who’s ever wondered what it would be like to bang Frankenstein — or his bride, for that matter.

Zombie Fleshlight

photograph of a fleshlight featuring green, mottled zombie skin, part of the company's freaks line

Released a year after the first season of Walking Dead came out, this Fleshlight zombie sleeve was a best-seller back in the day for anyone with a fetish for the undead.

Who doesn’t want to have sex with some grey-green rotting flesh?

Reaper Fleshlight

photograph of a reaper-inspired fleshlight, part of the company's freaks line

This weird fleshlight will be a turn-on for anyone who has a fetish for getting their dick engulfed by green, talon-like claws.

A monster fleshlight that might never let go once you’re inside of it.

Bigfoot Fleshlight

photograph of the bigfoot fleshlight, which features abnormally large labia

We’re unsure what makes this Fleshlight Bigfoot themed since it looks like a regular-sized pussy with huge labia.

Despite being discontinued, there are a few realistic porn star Fleshlights you can indulge in that feature large labia.

Dog Fleshlight

photograph of a canine orifice fleshlight design featuring deep, inky black coloring on the muzzle, teeth, and nose

As uninviting as a dog’s fangs in a snarling muzzle might be, this slack-jawed furry fleshlight with plenty of texture is slightly more inviting than the real thing and is said to leave you howling.

Weird flex, but ok!

Pokemon Fleshlight

photograph of a pokemon plushie with a hole in the back of it that resembles a fleshlight orifice

Although there was a rather funny little Pokemon Fleshlight for sale on Etsy once upon a time, plenty of toys and slippers made by the company resemble male masturbators — even if they didn’t intend to.

Plenty of internet memes point out pairs of Pokemon slippers that likely double as Fleshlights — or can hold them for you!

Tow Mater Fleshlight

photograph of a handmade fleshlight designed to look like tow mater from the cars movie franchise

The Mater Fleshlight is another ingenious invention from Malek Lazri.

One of the memorable characters from the Cars film series, this little guy has had his buck-toothed mouth transformed into a fuckable sleeve for anyone who’s ever wanted to rail a talking tow truck.

Monsters Inc Fleshlight

photograph of a fleshlight modeled after one of the characters from the monsters inc movie franchise

This novelty Fleshlight is a niche for anyone that’s watched Monster, Inc. and crushed on Mike Wazowski.

Just stare into that big, beautiful eyeball (which can creepily be repositioned) and tell me this Disney Fleshlight doesn’t do something for you.

Brain Fleshlight

photograph of a brain fleshlight featuring a small orifice for penetration

This squishy stroker gives a whole new meaning to “getting brain” (oral sex).

Where To Find Weird Fleshlights

Stores like Twisted Beast, Etsy sellers and creators on TikTok or IG like Malek Lazri make some of these masterpieces.

Additionally, some of the monster models from the Fleshlight Freaks line can be bought seasonally, so check their site around Halloween for some spooky sleeves.

Closing Thoughts

Most of these NSFW Fleshlights are more for entertainment than masturbation buddies that people are actually seeking out, but if you’ve got a niche fetish, who are we to judge?

Make sexy time a little stranger, or at least send your friends a mysterious screenshot of your top pick and really fry their eyes.

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