What Is Breast Sex? (And How To Give A Boob Job)

Breast sex refers to an exciting, kinky activity that involves a penis being stroked between a partner’s breasts, and we’ll offer tips on how to try it.
Image Of Woman's Breast Cleavage With A Pepper Between Signifying Breast Sex
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Breast sex, also known as mammary intercourse, is a sexual act that is performed when a person places their penis between their partner’s breasts and simulates penetration.

Here’s what you need to know about breast sex:

  • Sometimes called a boob job, breast sex is performed by a penis sliding between the breasts of another person, with the movement resembling the same type of thrusting that would occur during penetrative sex.
  • Breast sex sometimes results in penile ejaculation on the receiving partner’s upper chest, creating a “pearl necklace” upon orgasm.
  • Breast sex can be a safer alternative to penetrative sex because there is no risk of unintended pregnancy, although STI transmission can still occur if bodily fluids are exchanged during the activity.
  • It can be an exciting form of sex play and a way to spice up your bedroom routine, and it’s typically more pleasurable for both parties when lube is involved.
  • A person who has a breast fetish is called a “mazophiliac,” although breast sex is not explored by fetishists alone — anyone can enjoy it.

During this type of sex play, the breasts are often squeezed together and the penis owner performs a thrusting motion between them, simulating penetration.

Sometimes breast sex leads to ejaculation, and when it does, it typically lands on the breasts, upper chest, or neck — hence the term “pearl necklace.”

Breasts of all shapes and sizes turn people on, and boob sex is a sensual way to celebrate them.

Things To Know

What Is Breast Sex?

Breast sex occurs when a person puts their penis in the cleavage created by another person’s breasts and mimics the same thrusting motions that occur during penetrative sex.

Think of a hot dog moving in and out of a bun.

A person can also perform breast sex using a dildo or a strap-on.

Other types of breast play also count as being part of this activity if the idea of sliding a penis between your cleavage doesn’t sound that appealing.

Breast sex can be known by many other synonyms including:

  • Titty fucking
  • Boob sex
  • Boob job
  • Mammary intercourse
  • Cleavage sex
  • Titty sex

This type of sex play can be a kink for people with a breast fetish, who are also known as mazophiliacs.

A breast fetish is a common kink, and it makes sense — pepperoni nipples or not, boobs are hot!

Cleavage sex can also help other kinds of partners expand their sexual horizons.

Breasts are one of the body’s most sensitive erogenous zones.

Their sensitivity and stimulation can also be heightened through nipple play and even nipple banding or the use of nipple clamps during breast sex.

Some may wonder, “At what cup size can one give a boob job?”

The answer is that mammary intercourse is compatible with breasts of all sizes.

Smaller boobs might need to be squeezed together more tightly compared to larger ones, but just about any pair of breasts can get the job done.

How To Give A Boob Job

Giving a boob job is pretty simple: Insert the penis or sex toy between a pair of breasts, pressing them together to take advantage of the added cleavage, then thrust in and out.

You can also use a personal lubricant, such as those made from water or silicone, to reduce friction and make the experience more pleasurable for everyone involved.

While there are differences between water- and silicone-based lubes, you can use either for breast sex provided no one involved is allergic to any of the ingredients.

Oil-based lubes can be great for this as well, as many double as massage oils, but they’re not the ideal choice if you have allergies to tree nuts or seeds, as many use ingredients derived from plants.

Best Lubes To Try During Breast Sex

Just about any quality personal lubricant can work well during breast sex and our top recommendations for each type are listed below.

Tips For Having Breast Sex

If you’re not sure where to start — or what to try — we’ll offer some quick tips for exploring breast sex.

  • Try different positions. If you have larger breasts, it may be more comfortable to lay on your back and have your partner crouch over you. If you have a smaller chest, have your partner lay on their back and bend over them, squeezing your breasts together.
  • Skip the ejaculation. If you’re looking to avoid a “pearl necklace,” use breast sex as a form of sex play and leave the ejaculation for another position.
  • Add a little oral. To up the ante, lightly lick the tip of the penis while it’s thrusting toward you, adding a touch of blow job to the act.
  • Explore nipple toys. Consider incorporating a boob sex toy such as a nipple sucker, finger vibrator, feather tickler, or nipple clamp. Nipples are packed with nerves, and nipple play can help you ease into cleavage sex.
  • Consider adding food. If you’re into messy play or food play, consider smothering your or your partner’s chest with foods like honey, whipped cream, or chocolate syrup and getting some lick action in before diving into breast sex.
  • Try using lube. A personal lubricant is a great idea to keep things slippery while reducing friction against bare skin and if you’ll be using your mouth at any point, a flavored or edible lube can make it even sweeter.
  • Invite a doll. If you want to add a third person into the mix but are monogamous, consider adding a big boob sex doll — or whatever kind you’re into — to your repertoire. (Yes, those really exist!)
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Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, there’s no one way to have titty sex, nor is there a how-to manual with set rules that you have to follow.

Think of it as a fun, kinky activity you and your partner can interpret however you see fit.