What Is Breast Sex?

Breast sex describes performing sex between the cleavage of a woman’s breasts with a man’s penis.
Image Of Woman's Breast Cleavage With A Pepper Between Signifying Breast Sex
Q: What Is Breast Sex?
A: Breast sex describes performing sex between the cleavage of a woman’s breasts with a man’s penis.

As a sexual fetish, it is considered a sexual attraction to a particular body part — other than genitals that is, and in this case the breasts.

A person who has a breast fetish is called a mazophiliac.

Women’s breasts have long been the lusty obsession of sexual devotion so it might not come as a big surprise that some people enjoy having what is termed as “breast sex” (aka boob sex, mammary intercourse, or the more vulgar, “titty fucking”).

Yes, boobs are hot. 

Perky, bouncing, hanging, jiggling, pointy, round or barely bumble-bee stings, breasts in all of their beauteous bounties turn us on.

In fact, some would say that America’s obsession with breasts as sexual objects is a form of socialized fetishism propagated by the media and advertising as well as the fashion and beauty industries.

They’re also an erogenous zone. Breast sensitivity and stimulation can be heightened through nipple play and even nipple banding during breast sex.

So, how does one perform breast sex?

Right. As so eloquently illustrated above, one simply inserts one’s penis between a pair of breasts, pressing them together to take advantage of the added cleavage and then thrusts in and out.

Voila! The result upon orgasm? A “pearl necklace”.

To make this activity more pleasurable, personal lubricants — such as those made from water or silicone — may be used. While there are differences between the two, either may be used for breast sex provided you don’t have allergies to any of the ingredients.

Although women with large breasts often deal with a number of problems as a result, having breast sex isn’t one of them — they provide on-demand cleavage.

So, if you have an interest titty-fucking, boob jobs, melon mashing, hooter honking, breast bondage, “Puff-Puff” or mammary sex at all, you are probably a part of a greater majority.

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