What Are Pepperoni Nipples?

Pepperoni nipples is a term for nipples that feature overly large areolas, approximately the size and shape of slices of pepperoni.
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Q: What Are Pepperoni Nipples?
A: Pepperoni nipples is a term for nipples that feature overly large areolas, approximately the size and shape of slices of pepperoni. These types of areolas may also be darker in color, similar to the color of pepperoni.

Oddly enough, the term “pepperoni nipples” is not derived, as the name would suggest, from the size of a person’s nipple, but rather from the size of their areolas.

The areola is the dark circular pigmented skin surrounding the actual nipple itself.

So, what determines whether an areola is “overly” or abnormally large anyway?

There have in fact been studies done on the aesthetic value of the “nipple-areola-breast ratio” as to what constitutes the perfectly proportioned nipple and areola diameter for various sized breasts.


Yes indeed.

These studies were performed for research purposes so plastic surgeons could determine the most appealing sized nipples for breast reduction, reconstruction and augmentation surgeries.

So, what did these studies find out?

The so-called perfect morphologic size of the nipple-areola complex is a 1:3 ratio, meaning the areola should be three times larger than the nipple and three times smaller than the breast itself.

The average-sized areola was found to be 4cm, while the average-sized diameter of the nipple was 1.3cm.

While lots of nipple admirers love large areolas and may even try nipple banding to increase nipple sensation, many women are very sensitive about the appearance of their breasts, including the size, shape and proportion of their nipples and areolas, and worry that theirs are not normal or somehow imperfect.

Thus, cosmetic breast and nipple augmentation including breast implants has become an extremely popular practice.

But, what is normal?

After all, breasts come in all sizes and shapes so it stands to reason that our areolas would vary as well. From itty-bitty-teenie-weenies the size of a dime to extra large double D’s with areolas like saucers, our nips can differ a lot.

The truth is, there is no “normal” when it comes to the size, shape, color and perkiness of breasts. All women’s breasts and nipples are different, and that’s what makes them uniquely beautiful.

So, there is no need to allow others to judge you and be self-conscious or embarrassed about the appearance of your breasts or nipples.

You are perfect just the way you are! 😉

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