Can A Man Have Multiple Orgasms Or Ejaculate Twice?

Yes, it is possible for some men. However, much of it has to do with the male refractory period and the differences between an orgasm and ejaculation.
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Men can cum more than once while having sex or jerking off (masturbating), but most of them have to wait a little while between ejaculations.

While ejaculation and orgasm often correlate with one another, they do not necessarily have to happen at the same time.

So, can a man ejaculate twice?

The short answer is yes, it is possible — but much of it has to do with the male refractory period, which we’ll discuss in just a bit.

In this article we’ll talk about:

(Editor’s note: for our purposes, the terms “male” and “men” encompass both binary and non-binary men.)

Ejaculation Vs. Orgasm — Are They The Same Thing?

Like I mentioned earlier, ejaculation and orgasm often go hand-in-hand, but they do not have to happen at the same time.

In fact, it is entirely possible for men to have orgasms during sex without ejaculating!

During the male orgasm, antegrade ejaculation involves two distinct phases: emission and expulsion.

Emission is the body’s process of preparing itself for the release of semen, while expulsion is the point when it is physically delivered from the penis.

An orgasm, or climax during sex or masturbation, is an extension of increased pleasure from the nerve endings in your sex organs.

While it is typically accompanied by ejaculation, some men can experience a dry orgasm, which can result from repeated orgasms, genetic abnormalities, or even past surgeries.

Sometimes considered as “cumming without cumming,” a dry orgasm will elicit a similar “pumping” sensation throughout a man’s penis, without any physical ejaculation occurring.

His orgasm may feel somewhat diminished and although he didn’t cum, it usually takes a while to achieve another erection — but the waiting period might be shorter than usual.

On the other hand, a man can experience ejaculation without reaching orgasm. In this case, he came — but didn’t enjoy a deep, convulsive orgasm.

This type of sensation can be similar to what women feel during a “shallow” or half-orgasm — a subtle climax that feels good but doesn’t really make the earth move.

Finally, a man can experience a full orgasm with ejaculation — a full-body bliss that makes you think, “Wow, that was fucking amazing!”

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Can A Guy Have Multiple Orgasms And Cum Twice?

Knowing that a guy can orgasm without ejaculating, it’s perfectly natural to wonder: “Can men have multiple orgasms?”

The answer is yes, but don’t get too excited — unfortunately, it is not very common, no matter how a man jerks off.

This study from 2016 reported that less than 10% of men under the age of 30 can cum more than once during sex.

In men over the age of 30, fewer than 7% can achieve that goal.

One case study looked at a man who had a history of “multiple ejaculatory orgasms” that began when he was 15 years old.

Over the course of 36 minutes spent jerking off in a lab, he had six orgasms and maintained an erection the entire time.

Men may masturbate often or with regularity, but that particular case is a bit of a rarity.

Although it’s certainly not impossible, it is still pretty rare for men to have multiple orgasms thanks to the male refractory period, which we’ll talk about next.

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What Is The Male Refractory Period?

Most penises require some “rest” after ejaculation, otherwise known as a refractory period, regardless of their size or whether they’re a grower or a shower.

Refractory periods are a normal and healthy part of the sexual stimulation process — allowing the penis to essentially “cool down” after ejaculating sperm.

During the refractory period, a person is unable to react to sexual stimulation — physically or mentally — and cannot reach orgasm.

Regardless of gender, everyone has a refractory period — one that may last seconds or hours, depending on the individual.

But why does it happen? That’s a good question — and it’s one that scientists and researchers are still trying to answer.

Dr. Justin Lehmiller, who sits on our medical review board, refers to this lack of data as a ‘shortcoming’ in the sexual literature.”

In his article on the topic, he explains that there’s little research on the male refractory period, although “it’s likely related to the brain chemicals that are released during orgasm.”

What we do know is that the length of the refractory period is unique to each man, and it also depends upon things that relate to the age, lifestyle, and diet of the man.

Additionally, it could also be a reflection of a man’s physical response to dopamine, prolactin, and oxytocin — hormones released by the brain.

Following orgasm, the brain releases prolactin and oxytocin, but levels of dopamine are reduced to encourage recovery and rest, which may affect the length of a person’s refractory period.

Beyond these factors, a man’s level of arousal, his sexual function and libido, and even the type of sexual experience he’s just had — which can include vaginal sex, fellatio (also known as a blowjob), cumming inside and enjoying a creampie, anal sex, pegging, or even masturbation — can affect his refractory period.

With that in mind, it’s perfectly normal for a man’s refractory period to change in length throughout his lifespan as those things evolve.

If you’d like to ejaculate twice during sex, you might be wondering how to reduce the refractory period — and we’ll touch on that next.

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How To Ejaculate Twice

There are some techniques that men can practice to achieve multiple ejaculations, but the best advice is to breathe through it — and don’t overthink things too much.

Many people forget that the orgasm is just as much psychological as it is physical.

During sexual stimulation, try edging — or squeezing the shaft of your penis right before ejaculation — to hold off cumming as you reach orgasm.

Don’t worry — preventing ejaculation during an orgasm isn’t dangerous.

If you’d rather not hold anything back, Kegels have been linked to the reduction of the male refractory period.

Although Kegels are an exercise that’s most often associated with women, they involve similar muscle groups and can actually be done by men, as well!

Additionally, partaking in novel sexual experiences that offer new and exciting sensations might relight that fire a little more quickly.

After all, a man may find it impossible to ejaculate twice in the “same old” bed-ridden missionary position, but partnering up in front of a full-body could be just the ticket.

Finally, there is some evidence that certain erectile dysfunction medications may reduce the male refractory period, although they should never be taken recreationally.

If you’re worried about making too much of a mess from ejaculating twice, never fear. It’s pretty easy to clean up cum afterward.

Bottom Line:

It might take some time and patience, but it is possible to ejaculate more than once during sex or while masturbating.

Even so, multiple orgasms are pretty rare in men, so if you find it difficult to reduce your refractory period or you’re unable to orgasm without ejaculation, there isn’t anything wrong with you.

Every single body is different — and yours is simply doing what it’s supposed to.

Have you ever ejaculated twice during one sex session? What was it like for you? If you’ve been able to shorten your refractory period, how did you do it?

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