What Is A Mound Of Venus?

The Mound of Venus (mons pubis) refers to the rounded mound of fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone.
Woman In Lingerie Showing Mound Of Venus
Q: What Is A Mound Of Venus?
A: Derived from the Latin term for “pubic mound” (mons pubis), the Mound of Venus refers to the rounded mound of fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone.

Sexually, this area (also called the mons) is regarded as the upper part of the vulva (exterior female sexual organs) and is considered an erogenous zone.

The Mound of Venus was named after the ancient Roman Goddess of Love to whom devotees built raised mounds of land as shrines to emulate the female mons.

While the name “Mound of Venus” originates from the ancient Goddess of Love in Greco-Roman mythology, our fascination with this part of the female body remains alluring to this day.

Due to the hormone estrogen, this area of the body on women becomes more prominent after puberty and tends to have more body fat than in men, and then often decreases after menopause.

Sadly, this beautiful “goddess” spot has become another body part that some women have begun to agonize over and deem undesirable. Crazy, right?

To make matters worse, there is a new type of cosmetic surgery which is quite fashionable that promises to “fix” this area of the female body, called Monsplasty.

The “Pubic Lift” reduces the suprapubic fat tissue and smooths out the skin and muscle for a “perfect” flattened mons.

Oy vey! Another worthless cosmetic procedure meant to add more fuel to our already overly deprecating and self-conscious natures.

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