How To Use A Vibrating Wand Solo, Or With A Partner

Wand vibrators are perfect because they’re versatile, easy to use, offer impressive orgasms, and double-duty as body massagers for sore muscles, too!
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Also known as a wand vibrator or wand massager, this sex toy is shaped like its namesake — featuring a rod with a vibrating ball on one end and the controller on the other.

They’re great for massaging all areas of the body because of their rumbly and deep vibrations — they’re often used on sore muscles for this reason — but they’re nothing short of magical when pressed against the clitoris or other erogenous zones.

Wand vibrators can be used to stimulate the:

  • Clitoris
  • Vulva
  • Nipples
  • Breasts
  • Inner thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Penis and testicles
  • Perineum
  • Hands and feet
  • Shoulders, neck, and back

We’ll explain everything you need to know about wand vibrators, but if you’re thinking about trying one, click here for our top recommendations.

In this article, we’ll talk about:

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What Is A Wand Vibrator?

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A wand vibrator is a sex toy that closely resembles a wand, featuring a ball-like tip at one end.

Guided by a rod-shaped handle, the rounded tip vibrates and provides pinpoint stimulation right where you need it.

Today, you can find a vibrating wand that will cater to your every desire, with models ranging widely in size, color, and intensity. Some wands accommodate attachments, as well, making them even more versatile!

Before the sex toy industry took off, however, there was really just one wand-style vibrator available — the Hitachi Magic Wand, which was released in 1968 and marketed as a body and back massager.

Yes, plenty of women used it that way, but it didn’t take long for it to become popular for doing so much more.

The Magic Wand still exists today, remaining a cult favorite among vibrator enthusiasts. It’s retro and bulky — but tried and true.

Over the years, wand vibrators have slimmed down, becoming more streamlined and versatile. They’re also now rightfully marketed for masturbation and sexual play rather than as “body massagers.”

Wand vibrators offer several features that may include:

  • A variety of intensities or vibration patterns
  • Accommodating attachments for varied stimulation or performance
  • Being rechargeable (in some cases)
  • Being usable while plugged in during recharge (sometimes)
  • Being waterproof (less common, but only found in some rechargeable models)
  • Having a smaller design that’s more portable
  • Offering quieter operation (most often in smaller wands)

Wand vibrators tend to be on the larger side — with some models being 12 to 13 inches in length.

In such wands, the motor is typically the most powerful you’ll find anywhere, raising their noise level in tandem — but there are ways to make a vibrator quiet if that is a concern.

→ For more, read: How To Make A Vibrator Quiet

Large vibrating wands often use an AC plug as their power source, although the Hitachi Magic Wand offers a rechargeable version of its classic style — in all its full-sized glory.

That isn’t to say there aren’t petite wand vibrators out there.

Smaller wands can provide similar stimulation in a more travel-friendly package that’s quieter and discreet. They’re ideal if you’d like to take your vibrator in a carry-on bag while flying.

In some cases, they’re rechargeable and waterproof.

The average price of a wand vibrator really depends on its size and features, and where you buy your vibrator from.

Wands at Adam & Eve, an adult toy retailer we independently reviewed and trust, range in price from about $20 to more than $200.

No matter your budget or preferences, there is a perfect wand vibrator for everyone who wants to add a little magic to their sex life.

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Top Wand Vibrator Recommendations

If you’re ready to try a vibrating wand for the first time — or simply want to explore a new one and expand your sex toy collection — our top recommendations for the best wand vibrators are below.

How To Use A Vibrating Wand

Whimsical Image Of Hand Holding Pink Wand Vibrator Against Magical, Color Background

Regardless of marketing, the clitoris generally responds really well to direct stimulation and the shape of a wand vibrator allows you to personalize your stimulation and apply as much or as little pressure exactly where you want.

This type of vibrator can be used on any erogenous zone you have, including the:

  • Clitoris
  • Vulva
  • Labia
  • Nipples and breasts
  • Inner or outer thighs
  • Labiocrural fold (where the thighs meet the outer labia)
  • Penis or frenulum (located beneath the head of the penis)
  • Testicles or perineum (located between the genitals and anus)
  • Neck, shoulders, or back
  • Hands or feet

You can use a wand anywhere else that turns you on — but they’re equally effective on sore muscles, too!

Many wand massagers offer multiple vibration patterns, speeds, and intensities, while some are designed to accommodate a variety of attachments.

All of these features will factor into the way you use one.

At its most basic, using a wand vibrator is quite simple — to start, you turn on your vibe, find a speed that gets you excited, and place it on or around your vulva.

If you’re new to vibrators or you’re more sensitive, a wand can seem unusually strong — even on its lowest setting.

If you find the stimulation to be a little too much — even when applied lightly — a layer of cloth, a towel, or clothing can be placed between your body and the vibrator to lessen the intensity further.

Although they can take some getting used to, the steady and direct stimulation of wand vibrators offers frills-free, exciting, and incredible orgasms.

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How To Use A Wand Vibrator For Masturbation

Solo sex is a fun and sensual way to get to know more about your sexual self and if you’ve never used a wand vibrator before, you might consider playing with it alone before bringing it into the bedroom with a partner.

The very first thing you should do is clean your vibrator before using it — even if it’s “fresh” from the package. This is especially important if it’s going to make contact with your bare skin.

You’ll also want to make sure you charge your vibrator if it requires it.

To start, turn it on to its lowest setting and place it against your outer vulva or mons pubis (also known as the Mound of Venus) to acclimate to the sensation before pressing it directly against your clitoris.

Wands tend to have strong vibrations, so it’s a good idea to ease into them, particularly if you’re a true beginner.

Don’t expect to have an orgasm with your vibrator the first time, either. If these sensations are new to you, they can take some getting used to!

If you like what you feel when using your vibrator, explore your vulva with it and tease your clitoris — or add some speed if you’re craving more stimulation.

Don’t forget about the rest of your body, either!

If you enjoy teasing during sex, do the same to yourself while you’re masturbating. I highly recommend using your wand on your nipples and inner thighs.

Try out every speed and setting as you go — and if it gets to be too intense at any point, bring the setting back down or change the angle of the wand to reduce the sensation.

If you find that your wand is still too strong no matter what you do, try using it over your clothing, instead.

Additionally, you can place a towel, blanket, or even a thin pillow between your body and the wand to soften the vibration further.

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​​How Can Couples Use Wand Vibrators?

Using a wand vibrator (or any toy for that matter) with a partner is a fun way to elevate and enhance your shared experience with one another.

You can indulge in an erotic massage with the help of a wand massager and a blindfold.

One partner can use the wand on the other, sliding it along their erogenous zones from head to toe — with the blindfold adding an element of anticipation and surprise.

It can also be used for a real massage — even if sex isn’t on the table at all tonight.

A wand vibrator can provide relief from tension and sore muscles in the neck or back, but it also feels great on the soles of the feet and the muscles in the hands and fingers.

This can be a special treat if one (or both) has had a long, hard day at work. Each partner can unwind with a deep massage — orgasms are totally optional.

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How Can You Use A Wand Vibrator During Sex?

Wands are fantastic because they’re not limited to any particular gender — anyone can use them in myriad ways.

Since you can really target and pinpoint your stimulation experience with a wand vibrator, they are a great sex toy to assist with edging (also known as orgasm control).

One partner can use it on themselves while the other watches, or they can take turns pleasuring one another with it.

Some wands accommodate attachments that can be used for G-spot or prostate stimulation and even male masturbation, and these can be incredible additions to sex play, as well!

A wand can be placed between both partners’ bodies while they’re facing one another, and it can also be used to stimulate the clitoris while having penetrative sex in any position that allows it.

It’s always a good idea to try out multiple positions with your wand vibrator during penetrative sex so that you can find what you like most.

If something hurts or doesn’t feel right, make sure to let your partner know right away so that you can fix it and focus on getting your orgasm back.

  • Do You Need Lube With A Wand Vibrator?

Not necessarily, but it can help. Using lubricant with a wand vibrator can certainly enhance your experience because it helps to reduce friction.

Even though wand vibrators are not inserted unless an attachment is involved, lube is still a good idea.

“I always suggest people use a lube when they start using any new vibrator, including a wand,” Dr. Susan Milstein, a human sexuality educator who sits on our medical review board, said.

“Lube just makes things go more smoothly, and the first time you’re using it you don’t want to feel uncomfortable because of friction. Just make sure that the lube is safe for use with your body and with your toy.”

Water-based lubricant typically offers a texture that’s really similar to your body’s own natural lubrication, and it’s safe to use with toys and condoms made from any material.

You shouldn’t use certain toys with silicone or oil-based lubricants, so always check your wand’s manual and choose a compatible lube.

Can You Put A Wand Vibrator Inside You?

A wand vibrator is not meant to be inserted — anywhere — on its own.

However, if you desire internal stimulation, some wands have attachments available and these can be inserted.

Wand vibrator attachments can offer vaginal and G-spot stimulation, while others are designed for anal stimulation of the prostate.

Such attachments, when used according to the wand’s instruction manual, are safe for insertion — but the wand itself is not designed to be used in this way.

If you’re using your wand without attachments, make sure you’re sticking to external stimulation only.

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Are Wand Vibrators Safe?

Yes, and there are many safe wand vibrators on the market today. Most are made from high-quality silicone, chlorine-free vinyl, or ABS plastic — which are among the safest sex toy materials available.

When shopping for a wand vibrator (or any sex toy), avoid those crafted from jelly rubber, TPR/TPE blends, and other unsafe sex toy materials that are porous or potentially harmful.

If you are worried about your wand vibrator desensitizing your clitoris, have no fear! That’s a myth that’s been perpetuated for years — and it isn’t true.

Extended use of your wand vibrator might cause some temporary desensitization, but this is not at all the same thing as permanent nerve damage.

Taking a break from your wand for a short while should restore your sensitivity in no time.

In Conclusion

Wand vibrators are an excellent choice because they’re versatile, easy to use, and offer straightforward yet impressive orgasms every time.

Not only that but they perform double-duty as actual body massagers for sore muscles, too!

If you’re still searching for your perfect vibrator, our Everything Vibrators guide will help you to discover all of your options. And if you have no idea what type of vibrator to try, our vibrator quiz will help you find your ideal match!