What Is Axillary Intercourse Or An Armpit Fetish?
Axillary intercourse is a non-penetrative sex act in which a man inserts his penis between the hollow of his partner’s arm to simulate penetrative sex.
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Q: What Is Axillary Intercourse Or An Armpit Fetish?
A: Axillary intercourse is a non-penetrative sex act (aka outercourse) in which a man inserts his penis between the hollow of his partner’s arm in order to simulate penetrative sex. Also referred to as “bagpiping” due to how bagpipes are held.

Sexual interest in armpits is officially called Maschalagnia. People who develop an interest or obsession with this type of sexual fulfillment do so for various and individual reasons.

As long as humans have been walking upright, and perhaps even before, we have been exploring unusual ways to have sex.

Whether with inanimate objects like stuffed animals (called a plushie fetish) and women’s shoes (shoe fetish), or simply by using a unique body part in a sexual way (partialism), there are many ways to have uncommon forms of intercourse.

Enter “Axillary Intercourse” … basically another name for armpit sex, or an armpit fetish.

Yes. Armpit sex.

Use your imagination and this phrase immediately conjures strange and amusing imagery to mind.

It is still categorized as a sexual fetish or paraphilia as most people who get off on axillism prefer the armpit sex over regular penis to vagina sex. In other words, they need to get it on with an armpit in order to get off.

Okay, so the big question you may be asking is WHY?

There are many reasons why some people prefer outercourse to intercourse.

One reason is that you can’t transmit STIs with non-genital/oral/anal sex, so it is seen as a safer-sex way to get off.

Another reason could be due to physical limitations or the inability to perform regular penis to vagina sex.

However, most people develop these types of fetishes due to the object of their affection.

In the case of axillism, the object of that affection is an exclusive sexual interest in a specific body part other than genitals, called Partialism. Partialism can also focus on the foot, eye, breasts, buttocks, nose, hair, navel, belly and hands.

Yes, you can sexually fantasize about having sex with just about any body part.

One reason is smell.

Armpits and other hairy areas of the body excrete sexual pheromones which can arouse us on a subconscious level, even when we are not aware of it.

Have you ever inhaled the scent of your lover and become immediately aroused? This is sexual pheromones in action.

Getting turned on by sexual odors is a common arousal factor and the basis for many fetishes including people who get off on smelly socks, nylons, panties and sneakers.

What may be pungent and malodorous to some, can be a sensually erotic aphrodisiac to others.

People with an armpit fetish often prefer unwashed, unshaved armpits that are deodorant-free which amplifies the intoxicating aromatic properties of armpit scent.

So if you want to attract a maschalagniac (the official name for an armpit fetishist) stop washing and shaving your pits.

People with this kind of fetish may also get sexually aroused by tasting, smelling, licking and tickling underarms as well.

Still, other reasons for arousal may be that the armpit, when closed, creates a crevasse or cleavage, which in turn resembles the slit of a vagina, or anal crack.

With the addition of a little personal lubricant, such as those made from water or silicone, the physical sensations caused by “penetration” to this area are likely very similar to the real thing.

Thus, the maschalagniac comes to equate the armpit with the vagina and the fetish fixation on this typically non-sexual body part can be formed. After this happens it gets harder and harder for the fetishist to get off by any other means and the fetish is formalized.

Fetishistic fantasies are common, with almost 50% of men and 25% of women having fetish fantasies.

Axillary intercourse is not classified as a sexual disorder, unless it causes problems in a relationship, impairs normal sexual functioning or causes distress.

Which is good news for people who are turned on by armpits!

So if armpit sex turns you on there is no need to worry, you’re not weird.

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