What Is Axillary Intercourse Or An Armpit Fetish?

Axillary intercourse is a non-penetrative sex act in which a man inserts his penis between the hollow of his partner’s arm to simulate penetrative sex.
seductive photograph of a woman wearing bikini top with arms raised to display beautiful hair armpits
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Axillary intercourse is a specific activity and fetish where you — or your partner — get off on having non-penetrative sex with an armpit.

Here’s what you need to know about axillary intercourse and armpit fetishes:

  • Armpit sex is a form of outercourse (non-penetrative sex) known as axillary intercourse or axillism, in which an armpit takes the place of a vagina or anus for simulated penetration.
  • Arousal from (and attraction to) armpits is backed by science, as the area secretes sweat and sexual pheromones that can subconsciously turn us on.
  • Some people are genuinely aroused by the smell, taste, feel, or appearance of armpits, even if it isn’t a fetish, and a closed armpit visually resembles the slit of a vulva or butt crack.
  • Having fetishes is very common so it’s not at all “abnormal” to be turned on by armpits or to prefer having sex with them.

Sexual interest in armpits is also known as maschalagnia.

Axillism (armpit sex) takes this arousal and desire for armpits to another level.

One partner’s armpit is used like a vagina or anus for “penetration” although the penis (or dildo) doesn’t actually go inside the body.

To consider it a fetish for yourself, however, you may have a strong preference for sex with an armpit over other forms of sex.

Things To Know

What Is Armpit Sex?

Axillary intercourse is a non-penetrative sex act (also known as outercourse) in which a penis is inserted between the hollow of a partner’s arm — at their armpit — in order to simulate penetrative sex.

This is also referred to as “bagpiping” due to the similarity between axillism and how bagpipes are held when played.

Armpit sex, however, doesn’t have to be defined only by the way a penis interacts with an armpit.

Some people become aroused and get off on smelling or licking armpits, too.

This might mean that you love to smell sweaty or unwashed pits.

You may get turned on by the look or feel of a partner’s armpit hair, especially when it’s sweaty, or enjoy licking your partner’s armpit during sex play.

What Is The Appeal Of Armpit Sex?

Armpit sex may be appealing for a number of reasons, but people with armpit fetishes often cite the smell or taste as part of the attraction.

Other reasons someone might engage in armpit sex include:

  • There is little risk of STI transmission so it’s considered a safer sex alternative compared to genital, oral, or anal penetration.
  • A person may have physical limitations or an inability to perform sexually.
  • It can be considered erotic to some, and it’s worth noting that the armpit (when closed) resembles the slit of a vulva or butt crack.

It isn’t uncommon for someone to not know exactly why they’re turned on or where their fetish came from, so it’s okay if you’re aroused by an armpit and don’t quite understand the reason.

Axillism — wanting to have sex “with” an armpit — is one facet of something known as partialism, a sexual interest in a specific body part other than the genitals.

Body parts can include feet, eyes, breasts, buttocks, nose, hair, navel, belly, hands, and — you guessed it — armpits.

Just like other hairy areas of the body, armpits excrete sexual pheromones which can arouse us on a subconscious level, even when we are not aware of it.

This is backed up by science.

One study looked at the effect of pheromones on sexual arousal in women and found that certain pheromones found in sweat seem to generate the most arousal.

Another study found a similar effect on men who smelled women’s armpit and vulvar sweat.

People with an armpit fetish often prefer unwashed, unshaved armpits that are deodorant-free, which amplifies the intoxicating aromatic properties.

And because the armpit resembles the slit of a vulva or butt crack when it’s closed, the sensations caused during “penetration” of the area can rival those of real sex.

Is An Armpit Fetish Normal?

Yes, because “normal” is subjective.

Many people with any fetish, not just for armpit sex, often ask if what they’re into is “normal.”

Fetishes, in general, are much more common than people realize — with almost 50% of men and 25% of women having fetish fantasies.

And what is “normal” anyway?

If you’re not aroused by what society deems “normal” for sex, you’re not alone.

But you may not know that because we still live in a world where sex education is sorely lacking, conversations about sex are treated as taboo, and people hide their fantasies out of shame.

The better question to ask — not that it matters — is “How common is an armpit fetish?”

The answer may not satisfy your curiosity as it’s not exactly a well-studied kink and there are no definitive numbers.

But think back to the studies we mentioned earlier and remember that your desire and arousal are backed up by science.

For anyone wondering, “Do I need to get rid of my armpit fetish?” the only fetishes that are harmful are those that disrupt your life in negative ways or cause you distress.

Often that distress stems from shame about your sexual desires — not the sexual desire itself.

If you really hate that you love smelly pits or armpit sex, you don’t have to engage in it.

However, it may be better for your sexual pleasure and your overall well-being to learn how to accept yourself and your sexual needs — as long as you’re not harming yourself or others in the process.

Closing Thoughts

In this great big world, there are more people than you realize who are happy to be on the receiving end of your armpit fetish.

Whether you want (or need) to sniff, lick, or fuck an armpit to feel sexually satisfied, you’re not alone and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Be open with your partner about your desires and you may be surprised by their response.

They may have their own fetish they’d like to explore too!

And either way, the conversation may lead to a more open and sexually fulfilling relationship for both of you.