Got A Hairy Butt? Learn Why It’s Totally Normal + Get Expert Removal Tips

News Flash: Butt hair is totally and completely NORMAL! In this article, I’ll explain why and talk with an expert about grooming and removal techniques.
Two Women Worried About Their Butt Hair

Two words? Hairy butt!


Those little curlies that grow secretly inside your butt cleavage – or on your butt cheeks – and make you cringe at the thought of wearing a G-string at the beach.

Or even worse…having sex…doggie style…with the lights still on! ?

You’re not the only one!

Results from a two-part study of women from diverse backgrounds showed “overwhelming negativity toward women growing body hair.”

It wasn’t until my twenties that I even realized I had hair in my butt crack. I mean, how often do you bend over naked in front of a mirror and peer between your dimples of Venus?

OMG! I was horror-struck!

How many times had my sexual partners noticed my hairy butt? I still cringe at the thought.

I felt like I had somehow missed one of the rungs on the evolutionary ladder to becoming a homo sapien.

Cartoon Of The Evolution Of A Modern Woman From Chimp To Woman In A Mini Skirt

Like many of the readers of Women’s Health Interactive (this is one of our most discussed topics in our forums!), you’re likely a bit embarrassed or curious about what’s going on back there.

Or perhaps you’re just trying to reconcile whether butt hair is a natural, normal part of our bodies?

In a time when “Belfie sticks” are now a thing, maybe society’s aversion to all things hairy on a woman has caused undue stress about something that is completely benign.

Either way, our obsession with body hair has historically had a negative social stigma, in which hairiness on a woman was associated with “less developed [and] primitive ancestry”.

In our not too distant past, excessive hair on women meant they were less feminine, deviant, and was even linked to insanity, criminal violence, sexual promiscuity and base animal instincts.


Is it any wonder we have such negative associations with excess hair on women’s bodies?

Well, guess what? *drum roll please*

Butt hair is totally and completely NORMAL!

The same holds true for nipple hair, as well — if you’ve got some of those going on right now, you’re definitely not alone.

So, brace yourself because we are about to reveal the truth and get to the root (pun intended) of this hairy topic while talking with an expert to give you the insights you need.

Article Summary:

Why do I have hair on my butt?

  • It may protect your butt cheeks from chafing
  • The pheromones could help attract your soul mate
  • Scientists believe it may just be a side effect of our evolutionary design

How do I remove butt hair? Tips from a hair removal ninja:

  • DIY trimming and shaving
  • Depilatory creams
  • Waxing and sugaring
  • Laser hair removal
  • Electrolysis

Let’s start at the top…

Stop Freaking Out About Your Butt Hair…It’s Normal!

African American Woman Wondering If A Hairy Butt Crack Is Normal

Is it normal to have hair in your butt crack?

Yes, butt hair in the cleavage, and on your booty cheeks is natural. Even for women.

It’s a mammalian thing. Which means it is basically a part of our genetic makeup.

Just like birds have feathers, and reptiles have scales, well, we humans have hairy tushies.

Here’s why it’s normal to have a hairy butt:

Humans have a fine covering of “peach fuzz” hair (called vellus hair) all over our bodies, except for our lips, labia, other mucous membranes such as the anus, and other hairless areas like the backs of our ears, palms, and soles of our feet.

During puberty, this hair is replaced with darker and thicker hair (called terminal and androgenic hair) around the age of 12 for guys and 11 for girls, although in some cases as early as 7-years old in girls!

This dark, long, thicker body hair develops in humans during puberty due to the increase of androgens or testosterone (the male sex hormone, also is found in women in small doses) that are secreted from the testes and ovaries.

The purpose of these androgens is to increase libido and sexual arousal, while at the same time they are responsible for the development of male genitalia, as well as for secondary sexual characteristics in women including pubic hair, enlarged breasts, and widened hips.

Oh, and yep, butt hair.

For some women having a hairy butt can become a humiliating part of growing up that begins during puberty (some girls begin shaving “back there” as young as 13) and continues long into adulthood.  

That being said, it is comforting to know that butt hair isn’t an unfortunate flaw in our evolutionary design but serves an actual, meaningful purpose!

Here’s a fun look at reasons we might have butt hair:

Screenshot Of A Youtube Video About Why We Have Butt Hair

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Should I Be Worried About Sudden Hair Growth?

Caucasian Woman Asking If She Should Be Worried About Sudden Hair Growth

Most sudden hair growth is caused by normal hormonal imbalances during menopause, weight gain, or pregnancy, as well as a simple genetic predisposition.

However, “it could be indicative of an underlying health concern.”

This could include Cushing’s Syndrome (caused by stress and high levels of cortisol), Hirsutism, ovarian cysts, congenital adrenal hyperplasia (also caused by cortisol and excess testosterone), thyroid issues, some medications, and in rare cases, tumors.

It is therefore important to see your doctor or health care provider if you are experiencing a sudden dose of unexpected hair growth and to alleviate any fears you may have.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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African American Woman Considering Butt Hair Removal Techniques

Ladyscaping 101: Butt Hair Removal Options And Techniques

Rather than wait for a Ouija Board to answer this question for you, we asked aesthetician and “hot wax ninja” Meredith Moore for the inside scoop on butt hair removal techniques.

Having worked for over 17 years “detailing” women in Los Angeles, Florida, and Portland, she was able to get to the bottom of all of this and answer all my hirsute questions.

Let’s get to it.


Woman Asking If Trimming Butt Hair Is A Safe Option

Trimming – whether with an electric trimmer or scissors – can remove surface butt hair but does not get beneath the skin.

It works well to trim a very hairy butt or bush, however, it will still leave hairy prickles and will not leave you with baby smooth cheeks or crack.

Trimming is also very hard to do on your own unless you are a contortionist, in addition to being dangerous when you are wielding a sharp pair of scissors, or an electric trimmer, around your sensitive anal region.

While trimming may improve your butt hair situation, it could also result in nicks and cuts to places that aren’t used to being trimmed!

My advice?

Sharp instruments should never go near your most delicate places.

If you do choose to trim, use an electric trimmer like this Sensitive Precision Electric Hair Trimmer from Veet.

You can get fairly close and it is a much safer alternative than using scissors if you can’t wax, shave or get alternative professional hair removal services.

Here is what expert Meredith Moore says about the problems with DIY trimming:

Women’s Health Interactive: What is your opinion on trimming your butt crack hair with scissors or an electric trimmer?

Meredith Moore: I file trimming butt hair under the same umbrella as shaving (see below).

It’s a terrible idea due to the physics of getting back there along with the blunt edge created by the scissors/trimmers. Blunt edges = chafing & irritation!

Not our friend in an area of friction and motion. 

The list [of issues] is long: Shaving and trimming cuts, rash, stubble, strained arms/necks from trying to get back & under there, and more…

…Seriously, see a pro. 

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Caucasian Woman Pondering If Shaving A Hairy Butt Is An Option

Obviously, shaving is the most popular method of removing butt hair by yourself, but also perhaps one of the most dangerous.

It is pretty easy to nick yourself with a sharp razor and cause small cuts that can lead to serious infections.

Shaving is also difficult to do on your own and often leads to ingrown hairs and pimple-butt.

I’ll admit it, while the feeling of being cleanly shaven is sexy as hell, it’s not long before the prickles start growing in and begin to make everything down there chafe and become very uncomfortable.

Yeah, not too sexy after all.

Additionally, shaving cream can irritate delicate anal skin (which is also why shaving cream shouldn’t be used as lube — but that’s a story for another day.)

If you insist on going it alone, you can check out this tutorial on “How To Shave Your Butt”. While the tutorial is aimed at men, it is also perfectly applicable to us ladies.

More on shaving your butt from Meredith:

WHI: What are the main issues people have when shaving?

MM: Nicking your butthole skin; I speak from personal experience.

Plus, the stubble and subsequent rash – if you have any hair that extends to the rest of your crack (trust me, we all do) – from friction.

Cuz dem cheeks move and that movement with stubble is no fun.

Sure, you could shave your butt and crack every day, but who has time for that? Plus, the frequent shaving comes with its own host of problems/skin irritation.

WHI: If our readers already shave, how can they eliminate chafing, pimples, ingrown hairs, odors?

MM: Odor shouldn’t really be an issue from shaving.

Chafing, pimples and ingrown hairs (all common) can all be addressed with proper aftercare such as light exfoliation in the shower or tub.

Keep the skin lightly hydrated (keep it unscented), or use a serum targeted for post-removal concerns.

I like Serious Serum (available online and in some waxing spas) and PFB Vanish.

I think I can do without chafing, butt pimples and ingrown hairs, thank you!

If you’re worried about ingrown hairs, here’s a video on how to avoid them, and what causes them:

Screenshot Of YouTube Video About Ingrown Hairs

So, what other alternatives are there?

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Depilatory Creams

Caucasian Woman Asking If Depilatory Creams Are A Good Butt Hair Removal Technique

There are depilatory creams like Neat, Nair and Veet, which say they are okay to use around the bikini line, but caution going near your nether bits or butt hole as it may “result in adverse reactions including the severe burning of your genitals.

Any type of burning sounds bad to me, let alone “severe”!

Meredith agrees:

WHI: How about Depilatory Creams?

MM: Depilatory creams are not my favorite (anywhere on the body, really) due to the harshness of chemicals used to dissolve the hair.

Sure, product manufacturers like to label things as “gentle” but it is still technically burning the hair to dissolve it – hence the stink of most depilatory creams.

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Waxing & Sugaring

Ethnic Woman Wondering If Waxing Her Butt Hair Will Hurt

Waxing and sugaring are also popular methods of DIY hair removal. Check out this tutorial here.

Sugaring is an age-old method of hair removal that goes back to ancient Egypt (Did Cleopatra wax her butt?) and is made out of sugar, lemon, and water.

Many professionals prefer it over waxing because there are no harsh chemicals or fragrances like there are in waxes, and it is kinder to sensitive skin.

I only use sugaring on my facial hair (Yes! I have a lady-stash, thank you very much!) for those reasons.

On the upside, if done properly, waxing (and sugaring) can lessen hair growth over time and last longer.

The downside?

It can be very painful, especially around the genitals and butt hole, and if done by an amateur, can lead to bad ingrown hairs and infection.

I was waxed “Hollywood-style” by a professional, which includes removing the hair in your butt cleavage as well as your pubes. They used a cold wax, rather than a hot wax, which was less painful and super effective.

For me, it is my most preferred method of butt hair removal if done by a pro.

Wax on… Wax off…

More on waxing from “hot wax ninja” Meredith:

WHI: What is your take on waxing? Is it painful?

MM: Waxing will be painful because EVERY hair has a nerve ending attached.

Plus, your first time is always scary/stressful, which I think can add to the pain of it all. Over time and continued waxing, it gets easier as the hair gets finer and you get used to the feeling/service.

I prefer a hard wax in the genital region, but any proficient professional will be good with whatever type of wax they choose. The key is finding a good one.

WHI: How long does waxing last?

MM: Every person is different, and the first wax doesn’t last as long as subsequent waxes. The trick is to not shave in between.

Generally, you’re smooth for about 2 weeks and the hair that grows in has a point, not a blunt edge like shaving, so it’s softer.

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Laser Hair Removal

Caucasian Woman Asking If Laser Removal Of Her Butt Hair Will Be Painful

This is a new trend in the DIY home grooming industry, and costs much less (but still pricey up to $500-$1000 for a unit) than professional services.

While these devices may be okay for legs, bikini, and underarms, I’m not sure I would want to try them myself on my derriere, or other private parts!

Laser hair removal can also be painful as well and there is a risk of burning, scarring, redness, swelling, and permanent skin damage.

Many reviewers say to proceed with caution, and they don’t recommend doing it yourself when it comes to your lady bits or anal area. 

Many of these DIY home butt hair removal techniques sound a bit sketchy.

Meredith recommends getting it done by a pro:

WHI: What kinds of professional hair removal procedures are there and what do they normally cost?

MM: Laser services depend on the region you live in and the area of hair to be removed – there is such a broad spectrum of cost, really.

Waxing is about the same. Typically, people are getting the rest of their nether region waxed, and that (butt hair removal) is part of the service. Just a crack wax is usually $20+ dollars.

WHI: In your opinion, what is the best method and most permanent type of hair removal for butt hair?

MM: I prefer having it lasered as it’s more permanent and is a quick service.

But, that being said, not everyone is a good candidate for lasering (hair too light in color, usually) and so waxing done by a professional is my second choice as it can get all the hair, albeit less permanently.

Laser [is the most permanent] after a few sessions.

WHI: Is laser hair removal painful?

MM: Yes, very much so.

As a person who has had many parts of my body lasered with and without numbing cream, it hurts no matter what and often can take longer than a wax.

If you opt for the numbing cream, you’re often waiting with plastic wrap covering the area where you applied the cream, for up to 45 min before the lasering ever starts.

Plus, you have to shave the area in between laser appointments and it can take anywhere from 4-7 treatments spaced at 3+ weeks each, for permanent results. Don’t forget your annual “touch up.”

If you are a woman, any massive shifts in hormones (pregnancy, menopause, transitioning) may cause the hair to grow back.

In California, you have to be an RN to wield a laser. Other states have different, sometimes more lax regulations, which I find frightening.

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Asian Woman Curious About Electrolysis For Removal Of Butt Hair

I remember my grandmother used to get her lady-stache zapped by electrolysis and come home with a red, swollen upper lip – ouch!

While treatments are likely far superior today, it still sounds very painful.

How Electrolysis Works

A “fine needle-shaped electrode” is inserted into each hair follicle and then an electric current is applied to terminate the hair at its root.

While it is permanent and has effective overall results, it takes multiple (15-30) treatments and delivers a painful stinging sensation with each prick of the electrode. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved and permanent method of hair removal.

Here’s an informative and fun video on how electrolysis works:

Screenshot Of A Youtube Video About Electrolysis


Meredith believes this is a good alternative for some women:

WHI: What about electrolysis?

MM: Electrolysis is when a device electrocutes each individual hair (usually) causing the follicle to not produce another hair.

Because not everyone is a good candidate for laser or waxing services, electrolysis may be a viable option for them. Electrolysis can safely be used on darker skin tones, unlike laser hair removal.

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What If I’m Too Embarrassed To Let A Pro See My Hairy Butt?

Caucasian Woman Embarrassed About Her Hairy Butt Crack

Although DIY butt hair removal techniques may be seductive because of the lower cost and modesty factor, professional services for hair removal could be the wisest choice to get rid of butt hair safely and permanently.

Plus, you may find it’s not as scary as you think!

As a professional stylist for over 20 years, I’ve seen my share of hair removal procedures… yes, even butt cracks.

The first time I had my booty waxed I was totally unprepared when the aesthetician told me to flip over doggie style and put my butt in the air.

I felt my cheeks burning with embarrassment (and, not my butt cheeks) as I flipped over to “strike the pose.”

With the first strip torn from between my ass cheeks, I forgot about my vulnerable position and concentrated on not yelping in pain.

Thankfully, it only lasted a second, and with a few more rips, the dreadful deed was done.

Really, it wasn’t nearly as horrible as I had expected – the worry and anticipation of the first time is always worse than the real deal.

To see what I mean, check out this video called “Between the Cheeks” which reveals what a pro butt hair waxing service looks like:

Screenshot Of A Youtube Video About Anal Waxing


See…Not as scary as you thought.

Aside from the pain of getting your butt crack waxed professionally, there is the price objection.

Meredith says, “just getting your butt crack waxed or zapped will [only] cost you around $20” and typically a full Brazilian or Hollywood wax is between $30-$50 on average, and can be upwards of $120 in high-end spas.

So, compared to other DIY types of hair removal, professional waxing and laser hair removal is not that expensive, especially since it lasts way longer and eventually removes the problem permanently.

Still freaking out about seeing a pro? Meredith reminds us that we are all human and deal with the same issues:

WHI: How would you help women who feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about going to a professional know that it is natural to have butt hair, and not to worry about getting a pro to help them remove the hair?

MM: I have been looking at all kinds of genitals for over 17 years. ALL. KINDS.

I think my honest humor and my professionalism are a great combo to help people get naked in front of me so I can rip hair out of the most sensitive parts on their body.

I usually tell some great stories about all the nonsense I’ve put my body through to remind all the people I wax that we all got the same issues.

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Should You Remove Your Butt Hair Or Not?

Caucasian Woman Deciding Whether to Remove Her Butt Hair Or Go Natural

So, what’s the verdict on butt hair?

Whether or not you remove your butt hair (or nipple hair, leg hair, or even armpit hair, for that matter) is totally a personal choice.

If removing your it makes you feel bootylicious and improves your “genital self-image”, then go for it! It’s your tush!

Book that Hollywood wax and go shake your money maker!

Even though 20% of women say they wax down there because of their partners, you should never feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do.

If you like your butt crack the way it is, but your partner doesn’t, then you shouldn’t feel pressured to remove your hair just because of them. They should love you for all your parts, hairy bits included.

Watch Lacie Green’s entertaining rant on “free the pubes” for some inspiration!

Screenshot Of The Free The Pubes Youtube Video


BTW: Meredith says fuck what anyone else thinks anyhow:

WHI: What are the social stigmas of having excess body hair for women?

MM: Feeling less feminine or like a sideshow freak.

Both are BS, in my book.

We each allow these social stigmas to continue by buying into the crap that we need to look a certain way to BE a certain way.

The trick is to find comfort in your own skin and do what you like because YOU like it. Fuck what anyone else thinks about your body – it’s yours.


So, the bottom line? Butt hair is natural. Don’t stress about it.

And, you are beautiful just the way you are.

Butt hair and all.

Caucasian Woman Agreeing That You Are Beautiful With or Without Butt Hair

So what do you think? Do you have more questions? How do you feel about butt hair? Do you want to remove it? Are you down with it? Have you had experience with any of these removal techniques?

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