The Lora DiCarlo Baci Totally Sucks (And I Love It!)

The Baci is a clit sucking toy that produces intense orgasms by simulating realistic cunnilingus. It’s versatile, made from top-notch materials – and it works!
Photograph Of Lora DiCarlo Baci Clit Sucker In Illustrated Pool Of Blue Rippled Water
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In a Hurry? Here’s Why We’re Recommending The Lora DiCarlo Baci

Editor’s note: Lora DiCarlo is no longer in business. Read the whole story here.

The Lora DiCarlo Baci is a clit sucking toy that produces an intense orgasm — every time — through multi-faceted stimulation, including clitoral suction and a large ovular surface area that stimulates the entire vulva at once.

Although that sounds like a lot to handle, it’s incredibly easy to use and puts masterful cunnilingus in the palm of your hand, whenever you want it.

Baci is crafted from medical-grade silicone and does not contain any potentially toxic substances like rubber, jelly rubber, phthalates, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which can be harmful to your health.

Who doesn’t love the feel of a mouth on their clitoris?

Sometimes we don’t have time for all the talking that accompanies a person’s mouth, however, and let’s face it — lips and tongues get tired after a while.

That’s where Lora DiCarlo comes in.

As a sex toy tester, I had the opportunity to try this unassuming little device — which doesn’t even look like a sex toy at first glance — and I can say with 100% accuracy that it really sucks.

That’s a very good thing. It’s one of the best vibrators available right now.

Baci (pronounced “bah-chee”) is aptly-named after the Italian word meaning “kiss” because of what it does to your vulva.

This is a sex toy that simulates realistic cunnilingus, giving you the fantastic feel of mouth-like suction on your clit while stimulating your vulva through ten different intensities of vibration.

Featuring tongue-like action that was programmed using data sourced from actual human mouth movements, Baci is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

I should probably feel a little bad that yet another job is being pulled out from under hard-working Americans and outsourced to the robots, but my boyfriend’s lips don’t vibrate as Baci does…so here we are.

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What Makes The Lora DiCarlo Baci A Great Sex Toy?

Two-Panel Graphic Showing Close-Up View Of Baci And A Photograph Of Happy Woman Holding It

Baci’s tagline pretty much says it all:

“The mind-blowing feel of a mouth, anytime you want it.” 

This clit sucker stimulates the clitoris and entire vulva with a range of vibration intensity while simulating the feel of a real mouth through focused suction.

If it sounds like something straight out of the future, it kind of is.

The company behind Baci, Lora DiCarlo, grew from a partnership between its founder and CEO, Lora Haddock DiCarlo, and the Robotics & Engineering Lab at Oregon State University.

Yes — we’re talking about sex toys that incorporate actual robotics.

In Baci’s case, patent-pending micro-robotics mimic realistic licking and sucking sensations that will blow you…and your mind.

Additionally, Lora DiCarlo is owned and managed by women. If I’m being honest, there’s nothing sexier than knowing your sex toy was designed and manufactured by a female-owned company.

You just cum harder. It’s science.

Another thing that really turns me on is the company’s mission of destigmatizing sexuality. Look, it’s more than okay to enjoy sexual pleasure and you’re perfectly normal if you seek it out on the regular.

Your sexual pleasure should be embraced with open arms — or better yet — a clit-sucking toy like Baci.

When it comes to this sex toy’s design, I love how the entire silicone front vibrates to stimulate absolutely everything.

It offers full clitoral coverage to accommodate any vulva’s anatomy, offering an extensive, vibrating surface area that will get you off every time.

Crafted from soft, medical-grade silicone, Baci’s clitoral suction and wide range of vibrations work together in ways that can only be described as magical.

Beyond mind-blowing orgasms, there’s a lot more to like about this innovative sex toy! It is waterproof and made of soft silicone, plus it comes with a plastic cover and a cute travel sack.

Baci also has a magnetic USB charger so you never have to worry about buying batteries and it includes an in-depth user manual in case you get lost in the bush.

The Pros And Cons Of The Lora DiCarlo Baci

Two-Panel Graphic Displaying Lora DiCarlo Logo And A Pair Of Hands Holding Baci

As amazing as Baci is, there are a couple of little things I wish were different. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.

Pros Of The Lora DiCarlo Baci:

  • It provides full clitoral coverage
  • Its clitoral suction and vibrations work together
  • It offers a lot of vibrating surface area
  • It has soft-touch medical-grade silicone for safety and comfort
  • It has a great battery life
  • Its lit power button doubles as a charge indicator
  • It is USB rechargeable
  • It offers 10 levels of vibration intensity
  • It is waterproof
  • It can be used mostly hands-free, held between your legs using your thighs

Cons Of The Lora DiCarlo Baci:

  • It’s kind of loud on its higher settings
  • Lube is necessary for the best suction
  • It makes audible sucking sounds when attaching or removing it
  • The price will be steep for some

We all know and love the feeling of a good vibrator, but Baci adds clitoral suction into the mix, providing more complex sensations that lead to an incredibly intense orgasm.

Intimately familiar with vulvas, Lora DiCarlo designed the ergonomic Baci to be as versatile as possible across a wide range of anatomies and preferences.

With that in mind, it can be a great choice for people with limited hand mobility or arthritis. Once you place Baci right where you want it, the toy can be pressed against your vulva using only your inner thighs to hold it in place.

Particularly if you’ve never used a clitoral suction sex toy before, you may need to take some time to discover how it works best for you, trying different positions and intensities as you go.

With 10 different intensities, you can start low and slow in beginner mode or blast yourself straight off to the moon.

So, how long can you play with it, exactly?

Baci will operate for between 45 minutes to one hour on a full charge.

Some might find this more than enough, while others who prefer long marathon sessions or edging — or who often forget to charge their toy — Baci’s playtime may seem short.

I get it. Is there anything worse than having your vibrator die on you? I have never heard silence so loud.

That said, the light around Baci’s power button doubles as a charge indicator, so you always know exactly how much juice you have left!

When the battery has less than five minutes of use time, the circle of light around the power button will start fluttering — at that point, it’s time to finish in a hurry.

I found that Baci’s vibrations get a little loud when you crank it up to the highest notch but that’s pretty par for the course when it comes to vibes.

My biggest issue involves the suctioning noises the device makes when you’re getting it in place or removing it — sounds that will be a dead giveaway to anyone on the other side of your bedroom door.

Baci works without lube but to really activate the clit suckage you’re going to need it. This is not the biggest deal, but it’s just another thing to consider, particularly if you don’t like messing with lube.

It’s important to choose water-based lubricants only, as Baci’s user guide states that those made from silicone or oils could cause damage to the product and reduce the lifespan of your device.”

Given the price tag on this sucker, you don’t want to do anything that’ll damage it, so choose the right lube for the job. We’re fans of Aloe Cadabra, a natural water-based lube that’s ideal for use with Baci.

Clocking in at more than $100, Baci is a bit out of my own price range — like I could pay a guy to suck on my clit for that amount.

Although Baci is an innovative and expertly crafted sex toy, the price might be steep for some.

How Does The Lora DiCarlo Baci Work?

Three-Panel Graphic Showing Bottom Of Baci, The Control Panel, And Lora DiCarlo's Logo

Baci was created using biomimicry to imitate the feel of a mouth and tongue, the motion of which was converted into micro-robotic movements.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Human mouth and tongue movements — including pressure and frequency — were turned into data which was then optimized using computer software before being programmed into the device.

Robotics. For. The. Win.

The clitoral stimulator uses positive air pressure to mimic the sensation of sucking and the thrum pad (the vibrating surface area) spreads the vibrations across the entirety of the clitoral body — above and below the skin.

There is nothing like Baci. This one-of-a-kind clit sucking sex toy is in a class all its own.

The Differences Between Baci And Other Clit Suckers

Two-Panel Graphic Showing Woman Holding Baci And Baci Against Its White Box

Most clit suckers have at least a few things in common.

They’re typically rechargeable, often waterproof, usually made from silicone, and they offer a variety of intensity settings.

Where Baci sets itself apart, however, begins with its egg-like shape — which stimulates more of the vulva as well as the parts of the clitoris that lie beneath the skin.

Most clit suckers concentrate on…well, sucking the clit.

But the vibrating surface area — which they call the thrum pad — makes Baci a much more versatile toy.

As we mentioned earlier, this clitoral suction vibrator uses robotics that were programmed using data from real mouth and tongue movements, which is something that you’ll find just about nowhere else — except for, of course, an actual person.

That said, Lora DiCarlo’s Osé 2, which my fellow writer Zoë Tanner personally reviewed, is a dual stimulation vibrator that offers the same clit sucking as Baci, with the addition of G-spot stimulation that will knock your socks off — once you learn how to use it.

How To Use The Lora DiCarlo Baci

Paneled Illustration Showing How Baci Is Placed Against A Vulva And A Hand Holding The Baci Upright

Before you use Baci for the very first time, it’s important to charge it for at least an hour. The light around the power button will turn solid white when it’s fully charged and ready to go.

Even though it’s new and fresh out of the box, you still need to wash it with gentle soap and water or a silicone-safe sex toy cleaner. Likewise, you’ll want to clean it after every use, too.

To get started, you should use a water-based lube to coat the mouth and clitoral stimulator. As we mentioned earlier, silicone and oil-based lubes are a no-go. Stick with water-based lubricants only.

Lubricant improves the suction, so even if you’re not a big fan of lube in general, make the exception here and use it.

Now you’re ready to get Baci into position!

Of course, you can use this type of toy in any way that feels good, but a great starting point would be to press its mouth over the area of your clitoris.

Spread your labia majora so the flat surface of the toy is pressed against the lower part of your vulva.

To turn it on, hold down the power button for two seconds and then use the Stimulation Intensity Button to find your desired setting.

After that, it’s up to you to find your perfect position, pressure, and intensity.

It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Is The Lora DiCarlo Baci Safe?

Close-Up View Of Baci Against Glimmering Light Blue Water Ripples


Baci is crafted from “high quality, body-safe materials that include medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic, a thermoplastic that is completely body-safe.

All of Lora DiCarlo’s products are latex and phthalate-free and manufactured in accordance with international safety and production standards.

So even if you choose another product from their line, you can rest assured that it’s safe!

If you’re worried about using Baci so often that you might end up losing sensation in your vulva, worry not.

Vibrators don’t cause desensitization of your clitoris or vagina, so you can play with Baci as often as you want.

Where To Buy The Lora DiCarlo Baci

If my Baci review has you dying to try out this clit sucker, it’s a bummer — because Lora DiCarlo went out of business.

You may be able to find it brand new from a third-party seller, but unfortunately, we can’t make any promises.

In Conclusion

While it’s a little on the pricey end, the Lora DiCarlo Baci is a quality toy.

The combination of clitoral suction and vibrations that stimulate the entire clitoral body as well as the whole surface area of the vulva gives the user a more complex and intense orgasm.

With its fresh technology and innovative robotics, this plucky little clit sucker might just suck its way straight into your heart!

Images courtesy of Lora DiCarlo