The Rose Sex Toy: What Is It, How To Use It, Safety & What To Know

The rose sex toy vibrator is a trendy clit sucker that’s easy and fun to use. However, because of its popularity, there are many unsafe knock-offs.
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Updated:September 2023

Gaining popularity that spread like wildfire across social media platforms, the rose vibrator (also known as the rose sex toy or vibrating rose) is a clit sucking vibrator designed in the visually-appealing shape of a rose flower bud.

Here’s what you need to know about the rose vibrator sex toy:

  • The rose vibrator is not branded to any singular company or manufacturer, regardless of whether a website claims to be the “official” source of the rose toy.
  • For this reason, although the rose is typically marketed as being made from silicone (using descriptors like “medical grade” or “body safe”), there is no way to know for certain that the sex toy’s material is indeed what it claims to be.
  • Rose vibrators manufactured or sold by reputable companies (such as Lovehoney or Adam & Eve, for instance) can be trusted to make accurate claims about the toys’ construction, making them a safer option.
  • The rose vibrator works similarly to other clit sucking sex toys in that it features an opening that rests over the clitoris, using vibrating puffs of air to create stimulation.

Rose vibrators are pretty sex toys on the surface and while many are as body-safe as they claim to be, the same cannot be said for all of them.

Additionally, although the rose toy is available in a variety of different styles, for this article, we’ll be focusing on the “original” design of the rose vibrator.


What Is The Rose Vibrator?

Photograph Of Rose Vibrator Held In Hand With Greenery In Background

The rose vibrator is a clit sucking sex toy that resembles the bud of a rose, featuring a petal design with an opening at the center of the flower — this is the part that provides clitoral stimulation.

This sex toy uses rotating airflow to create suction over the clitoris (or nipples), similar to other clit sucking vibrators.

The rose vibrator, also known as the rose sex toy, became one of the most popular vibrators in recent history, thanks to social media and the fact that it is readily available on countless websites and wholesale platforms.

What is especially important to note about the rose clit sucker is that the design is not branded to a single company or manufacturer.

It’s natural to wonder “Who invented the rose toy?” and with good reason — it’s a difficult question to answer because so many companies and websites claim to be the original source of the device.

The truth is that the vibrating rose is (most often) a drop-shipped product — you order it from a company or website, but they do not fulfill the order themselves.

In such cases, the company you purchase from doesn’t ever lay hands on the merchandise — at all.

Instead, the order is fulfilled directly from the supplier — whoever that happens to be, whether it’s a retailer, manufacturer, or wholesaler.

Many suppliers of the rose vibrator are located overseas, which accounts for the lengthy shipping times often given when making a purchase — primarily from online storefronts that only sell the rose toy or variations of it.

Some folks wait for weeks for those deliveries and when they arrive you might get exactly what you ordered…and then again, you might not.

A rose vibrator that’s marketed as being made from silicone might actually be crafted from less-than-safe materials, like TPR/TPE blends that resemble the texture of silicone (but are porous and unsafe).

That isn’t to say that all rose vibrators are a crapshoot, however. 

Companies like Lovehoney and Bloomgasm (carried by Adam & Eve) offer their own versions of the rose sex toy, which, when ordered from them, are shipped by them — from their warehouses — and are made from the materials they claim to be.

Bearing this in mind (and as we’ll talk about more later on), the best rose vibrator is one purchased from a company you know and trust.

The traditional rose sex toy design features 10 vibration modes and is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof.

Rose vibrators vary widely in cost because they are available from so many vendors and storefronts.

Some are as little as $10 while others cost more than $60.

It’s easy to assume you’ll get what you pay for but again — untrustworthy websites might jack up the price so you believe you’re getting a better, safer toy made from silicone when you’re not.

Again, it’s best to purchase a rose vibrator only from a reputable retailer.

How To Use A Rose Vibrator

Photograph Of Rose Vibrator In Hand, Focusing On Center Of Blossom To Detail How It Works

Using a vibrating rose is relatively simple because it typically features a single-button operation — simply add a touch of lube to the opening (or your clitoris), place the toy over your clit, and then use the button to turn it on and cycle through the 10 vibration settings.

You can also use a rose vibrator on your:

  • Labia
  • Vulva
  • Nipples
  • Perineum
  • Testicles
  • Penis
  • Anywhere else that feels good

As with other clit sucking vibrators, the rose toy will “latch” onto your clitoris more easily with a dab of water-based lubricant applied.

You may need to experiment with its placement a bit to find the best angle and pressure against your clitoris but once you’ve found it, the rose might just take you to heaven and back.

The nice thing about the vibrating rose is its simplicity — it has a single button on the base of the toy so you don’t have to fumble around with settings across multiple buttons that need to be memorized.

The rose automatically begins on the lowest vibration setting.

Pressing the button repeatedly will take you through higher intensities and vibration patterns.

Some rose vibrators (like the Lovehoney Rose, for instance) feature a two-button design — one button turns it on while the other cycles through the vibration modes.

The only drawback to the rose toy is that you can’t “back up” to a vibration pattern if you accidentally pass the one you like best — you have to cycle back through all of them to return to it.

How To Use The Rose Vibrator For Masturbation

When using the rose sex toy during masturbation, especially if it’s your first time using a clit sucking vibrator, you’ll need to make sure you line the opening up with your clitoris.

This can be easier said than done and there is no shame in bending over to look at your vulva while you place the vibrator over your clit.

As we mentioned earlier, a dab of water-based lubricant will help the toy “latch” onto your clit to create just the right amount of suction.

Press the button for a few seconds to turn it on — it starts on the lowest vibration mode — and then press it again (and again) to cycle through the intensities and patterns.

Don’t forget that clit suckers like the rose toy can be used on other erogenous zones, such as your nipples or labia, for extra stimulation.

​​How Can Couples Use The Rose Vibrator?

A rose vibrator can enhance partnered play in several ways:

  • One partner can pleasure the other with the vibrating rose, teasing many erogenous zones along the way — the clitoris, labia, vulva, nipples, penis, frenulum (the underside of the head of the penis), testicles, and even the perineum (located between the testicles and anus).
  • The rose toy can be used during mutual masturbation, where both partners pleasure themselves in front of the other.
  • During cunnilingus, the rose can add an extra element of stimulation if it’s used on the nipples at the same time; during fellatio, the rose can tease the testicles or perineum.
  • One partner can also use the rose on themselves while performing oral sex on the other.

When using a rose toy or any vibrator with a partner, you’re only limited by your imagination (and the toy’s battery life — which is about an hour after being fully charged).

How Can You Use The Rose Vibrator During Sex?

The shape of the rose toy makes it a little bit of a challenge to use during sex, as some members of our team found out when testing a variety of clit sucking vibrators.

Given its design, the vibrating rose cannot easily be placed against the clitoris in sex positions with face-to-face contact.

During rear-entry positions or anal sex, however, it’s much more manageable.

The rose toy can be held against the clitoris with one hand and as long as the thrusting movement isn’t too intense, it can stay in place well enough.

Is The Rose Vibrator Safe?

Photograph Of Rose Vibrator In Hand With Greenery In Background

The rose vibrator can be safe if it is crafted from silicone (as advertised) — and if it’s purchased from a reputable company – it likely is.

Earlier, we talked about the origin of the rose sex toy and how it doesn’t belong to a singular brand.

Googling “rose toy” will bring up dozens of online storefronts, with most of them claiming to be the original or official source of the vibrator.

I could claim to be Lord And Master Of The Universe right now — but that wouldn’t make the statement true.

Similarly, although these storefronts advertise that their products are made from “medical-grade” or “body-safe” silicone, those words are not a guarantee that they actually are.

Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) has a texture that is very similar to silicone on the surface — in fact, it’s often referred to as “fake silicone.”

It’s a convenient material for sex toy manufacturers who are looking to save a buck, but unfortunately, it’s a porous material that is difficult to clean and impossible to sanitize.

When buying from rose toy sites, you have no way of knowing for certain that the “medical-grade silicone” sex toy you’re buying is made from that material.

How To Choose A Rose Vibrator

When choosing a rose sex toy, our best advice is to select one from a company you know and trust.

Many reputable sex toy vendors — like Lovehoney and Adam & Eve — sell body-safe versions of the rose vibrator.

If they say the toy is made from silicone — you can trust that it is.

The rose vibrator from trustworthy vendors might be more expensive in comparison to pop-up storefronts trying to capitalize on a trending toy, but believe us — your personal safety is well worth the investment.

FAQs About The Rose Vibrator

Aerial Photograph Of Rose Vibrator Plugged Into Charging Cable

If you’re curious about the rose vibrator you’re likely full of questions — we’ll answer them below.

What Does The Vibrating Rose Do?

The rose vibrator is a clit sucking sex toy that uses air pulses to create suction over the clitoris, resulting in clitoral orgasms.

Does The Rose Toy Work Underwater?

Yes — the rose vibrator is typically marketed as being 100% waterproof for use in the shower and underwater.

Do You Need Lube With A Rose Vibrator?

It’s a good idea to use lube with a rose sex toy because it helps the opening to “latch” onto the clitoris more easily.

A water-based lubricant is best because it not only feels like your body’s natural lubrication, but it’s also safe for the rose toy’s material — which is silicone, generally speaking, but not always.

If you’ve purchased a rose vibrator from a less-than-reputable storefront, the “silicone” may be something else entirely — which makes water-based lubricant even more important to prevent degradation of the toy’s material.

Can You Put A Rose Vibrator Inside You?

Generally speaking, no — the traditional rose toy cannot be inserted vaginally or anally.

That said, many iterations of the rose are available and some of them do feature insertable shafts for G-spot stimulation, like the Bloomgasm Sweet Heart Rose Clitoral Stimulator that was tested during the 2022 Sex Toy Challenge.

How Long Does The Vibrating Rose Need To Charge?

Most models of the rose will reach a full charge in about an hour, although some may take up to 2.

How Do You Turn Off A Rose Vibrator?

To turn off a 1-button rose, simply press and hold the button for a few seconds.

To turn off a rose vibrator that has two buttons (one being the on/off switch), press the power button for a few seconds.

How Do You Clean A Vibrating Rose?

The rose vibrator is completely waterproof and submersible so you can wet it, apply soap with your fingers or a washcloth, wash the toy for 20 seconds, and rinse it well.

It’s best to allow the toy to air dry afterward before putting it away.

Additionally, although mild soap is perfectly fine, you can also use a sex toy cleaner if you prefer.

Can I Get The Rose Toy On Amazon?

Yes, the rose vibrator is available from various merchants on Amazon but as we mentioned earlier, this sex toy is sold by countless storefronts — many of which never actually handle your order.

The rose toy is a frequently drop-shipped item, which means that when an order is placed through a vendor or merchant who drop-ships, it is fulfilled by a third (and unknown) party — most often located overseas.

This results in long shipping times and additionally, you run the risk of purchasing a product that is not made from body-safe silicone (even if the specs list the material as such).

The safest (and fastest) way to purchase a rose vibrator is directly through a trusted adult retailer, such as Lovehoney or Adam & Eve, to ensure it’s made from safe materials and delivered in a timely fashion.

Which Rose Toy Website Is The Real One?

This is the million-dollar question because MANY websites make this claim — the truth is that none (and all) of them are the “real” one.

As we talked about earlier, the rose toy is not owned by a single brand.

Instead, this particular vibrator is readily available from wholesalers and drop-shipping services that fulfill orders as a third party, largely located overseas.

If you’re worried about purchasing a rose vibrator and want to ensure you’re buying the product from a reputable website, we suggest placing your order through a trusted and well-established retailer like Lovehoney or Adam & Eve.

In Conclusion

The rose vibrator is a beautiful clit sucker that’s easy to use, but it’s important to purchase it from a trusted retailer to ensure it’s made from body-safe materials.

This trendy vibrator has gone viral and although it’s available for purchase all over the internet (literally), buy it from a reputable adult toy vendor — you’ll be glad you did.

If you’re still searching for your perfect vibrator, read through our in-depth Everything Vibrators guide. And if you have no idea what type of vibrator to try, take our vibrator quiz to find your best match!

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