Do Women Like Vibrators & How Many Use Them?

The majority of women (over 50%) use and love vibrators, and it is easy to understand why – they offer a simple and effective way to achieve orgasms.
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Yes, women like vibrators — they have been around for a long time and have only become more popular as time goes on – with more than 50% of women enjoying the pleasures they offer.

Here’s what you need to know about vibrator use among women:

  • Studies have found that more than half of the women in America (52.5%) use a vibrator, with one study finding that among women who own sex toys, nearly 80% of them own a vibrator.
  • Advances in vibrator technology over recent decades have provided more options for experiencing sexual pleasure in a variety of innovative ways.
  • Advances in modern attitudes around feminine pleasure have made vibrators more accessible and conversations surrounding the topic have become far more mainstream and “socially acceptable.”

The history of the vibrator is fascinating from a technological and societal standpoint but in recent decades, the use of motorized sex toys has been embraced by more and more women.
Things To Know

Do Women Like Vibrators?

The answer to this is probably pretty obvious, but yes.

The sex toy industry is enormous, bringing in $32.7 billion in 2022 with women accounting for nearly 60% of global sales, according to our research.

One study found that vibrator use is associated with greater sexual satisfaction among women — the highest of which belongs to those who use vibrators alone AND with a partner.

Additionally, that study found that those same women also “reported a greater balance of sexual rewards” compared to those who only use vibrators alone (for solo masturbation) or use none at all.

Overall, the results of that study showed positive correlations between vibrator use and sexual well-being among women with male partners.

Why Do Women Like Vibrators?

Women like vibrators for a multitude of reasons resulting from the types of sensations they provide, the targeted stimulation they offer, the adjustability of their settings, and their “tireless” delivery of vibration.

For one thing, vibrators make achieving orgasm easier for those who have trouble doing so through other means — particularly when it comes to clitoral stimulation.

Our research found that 27% of women use a vibrator because they need help reaching orgasm.

The feel of a vibrator is generally unlike the typical sensations experienced through skin-to-skin sexual contact.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that vibrators are better than a lover — they’re just different.

In some cases, such as G-spot stimulation, vibrators make it easier to target a very specific area that responds well to sexual stimuli.

The overall experience can be intensified by adjusting a vibrator’s settings, as well, making it a useful tool for reaching orgasm or even enjoying intercourse more if one is used with a partner.

The ability to have full control over the experience is great, as is being able to hit the right spot when a partner isn’t (or can’t).

Additionally, vibrators never really “tire” until their batteries wear out — unlike human fingers, tongues, or genitals — so they offer the gift of time for those who struggle to reach orgasm.

Psychological obstacles (like worrying about not being able to reach orgasm or reaching it in a “short” or “acceptable” amount of time) can have a negative effect on a woman’s ability to climax.

A fully charged vibrator might offer hours of uninterrupted simulation if that’s what is needed — and some women may.

How Many Women Use Vibrators?

According to our own research, more than half of the women in America use a vibrator.

All of the women on our own team certainly use them — as do the men.

As we mentioned earlier, vibrator use has only become more common — and far more mainstream — in recent years and decades.

And that’s a good thing.

Why Do Women Use Them?

Asking why women use vibrators is a lot like asking why people wear shoes when walking outside.

Vibrators are engineered specifically to please your genitals, just as shoes are designed to provide comfort for your feet (generally speaking).

Vibrators can make achieving orgasm easier — often with better results compared to fingers, tongues, or other people’s genitals.

Some women can’t orgasm from sex and simply need a helping hand.

Others like the idea of not having any pressure to “perform” for a partner because they can focus only on enjoying themselves.

Women also tend to enjoy control and autonomy over their pleasure.

With a vibrator, they can take their time, explore what they know they like, and stop the stimulation whenever they feel like it.

Sometimes, you just need the right tool for the job and a vibrator, for many, is capable of providing that.

What Are Some Good Vibrators To Try?

If you’re looking to experiment with or try a vibrator, we’ve included a list of our top picks outlined by stimulation type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People have lots of questions in regard to vibrator use, and we’ll cover some of the most popular.

Why Does Vibration Feel Good For Women?

As we mentioned earlier, vibrators provide sensations that aren’t always possible through skin-to-skin contact.

Motors can offer repetitive sensations that are unceasing (at least until the battery runs out) and they also provide an adjustable and customizable experience for those who need targeted stimulation to reach orgasm.

What Percentage Of Men Use Vibrators?

Although the exact percentage varies based on the study referenced, a fair amount of men use vibrators.

One study done in the United States found that although only 10% of men had used a vibrator in the past month, 14.2% had done so within the past year.

Additionally, 44.8% of them had used a vibrator at some point in their lifetimes.

Another study found that 49.8% of men who identify as gay or bisexual have used vibrators and 86.2% of them had used them during masturbation.

How Many Women Are Satisfied In Bed?

We can’t talk about all that vibrators have to offer without also wondering how many women are satisfied in bed.

One study found that women are actually more sexually satisfied compared to men — 70.08% and 65.57%, respectively.

In Conclusion

The majority of women use and love vibrators, and it is easy to understand why.

Vibrators were created and have evolved with one purpose in mind: to aid in achieving orgasm.

Finding the vibrator of your dreams has never been simpler thanks to innovations in technology and design — and they’re easy to buy.

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