Can Men Use Vibrators And How Should They Use Them?

Yes, men can use vibrators and more men should use them whether with their partner during sex to increase everyone’s pleasure or alone while masturbating.
Photograph Of Handsome Man Examining A Boxed Vibrator In A Sex Toy Store
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Can men use vibrators? Absolutely!

While vibrators are often made for and marketed to women, no gender has exclusive rights to this particular form of sexual pleasure.

Men can, and definitely do, use vibrators — alone and with partners — in multiple ways.

Vibrators can be used on male erogenous zones that include the:

  • Nipples
  • Head and shaft of the penis
  • Testicles
  • Perineum (located between the genitals and anus)
  • Anus (external)
  • Prostate (internal)

Men can use vibrators of all kinds in a variety of different ways and, quite frankly, more men should explore the benefits they can provide to their sex lives.

It can be game-changing.

Can Men Use Vibrators?

Closeup Photograph Of Bare-Chested Man Holding A Black Vibrating Sex Toy In Each Hand

Yes! Absolutely! Definitely! How many ways can we say it?

Not only can men use vibrators made specifically for them, but they can also use vibrators designed for women, too.

Men are certainly not limited to jerking off as the only form of masturbation — although there are lots of ways to jerk off — and they often “discover” vibrators during sex with a partner.

According to Dr. Justin Lehmiller, sexologist and Women’s Health Interactive medical board member, it’s a common introduction to them:

“When men were asked why they first began incorporating vibrators into their sex lives, some of the most common reasons included wanting to please one’s partner, to help one’s partner have an orgasm, or to ‘spice up’ one’s sex life. 

Far fewer guys reported using vibrators to help themselves have an orgasm, although that’s certainly a reason that some guys use these sex toys.”

As Dr. Lehmiller mentions, men also use vibrators during masturbation so they can get off — and simply because it feels good.

Vibrators men use include:

As with women, if a sex toy vibrates, feels good, and hits the right spot, a man can use it.

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Is It Normal For Men To Use Vibrators?

Of course. But what does “normal” even mean?

Dr. Lehmiller reframes this question by looking at what’s common regarding men using vibrators.

In his article, Dr. Lehmiller states:

“A national U.S. survey focusing specifically on men’s vibrator use found that 24.2% of guys reported having used a vibrator in the last year. The U.S. study also revealed that if you look at whether men have ever used a vibrator in their entire lives, the numbers are even higher, with nearly half (44.8%) saying they have done so!”

Whether a man uses a vibrator or not has little to do with his sexuality, according to Dr. Lehmiller.

“Large numbers of heterosexual (44.5%), bisexual (66.7%), and gay-identified men (50%) report having used a vibrator before,” he explained.

Men, like women, use vibrators for a variety of reasons: to get off (without jerking off), to make sex fun and interesting, to please a partner, and the list goes on.

That’s certainly not abnormal behavior, even if many of us aren’t used to the idea of men playing with vibrators.

A man might masturbate regularly, but a vibrator can take the experience to entirely new heights.

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Can Men Use Vibrators Made For Women?

While many sex toy manufacturers make vibrators specifically for penises and prostates, men can definitely use vibrators designed for and marketed to women.

The most important factor in using a vibrator is that it feels good against the erogenous zone it’s touching and that it’s safe for that area.

For instance, anal penetration requires a toy designed for the butt to be as safe as possible, most often featuring a flanged or wide base that prevents it from slipping all the way inside.

Beyond that, the sky’s the limit. Just about any vibrator that can be used on a woman can be used on a man, too — including the infamous rose vibrator.

Vibrators made for women that men can use include:

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Best Vibrators For Men

Although men can use just about any kind of vibrator a woman can use — albeit sometimes in more creative ways — there are some vibes that are designed with men in mind, like vibrating prostate massagers.

Beyond toys for butt play, wand massagers are a great choice for men because they can be used anywhere along the groin (or other erogenous zones) easily — alone or with a partner!

How Do Men Use Vibrators?

Men use vibrators just like women do: figure out what spot you want to stimulate, turn on the vibrator, and let the sensations carry you away.

In general, though, a lot of guys tend to use vibrators on or near their penis. This makes sense, as this is a main erogenous zone — particularly during male masturbation.

But that’s really just the tip of a very sexy, orgasmic iceberg. You can also:

The main thing vibrator newbies need to remember is to start slow and low. Don’t crank up the intensity until you know what you like. Start on the lowest level and move up from there.

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How Men Can Use A Vibrator For Masturbation

There are two main ways that men use vibrators to masturbate:

  1. Choose a vibrating sex toy designed for your penis; these often look like sleeves or even flashlights, in the case of Fleshlights
  2. Use a vibrator on other pleasure spots while masturbating

Whichever method you use to jerk off, keep a few tips in mind:

  • As previously mentioned, start on the lowest setting and only adjust the intensity gradually.
  • Make sure you’re in a relaxed position. The last thing you need is to feel unbalanced or awkward and drop your vibrator in the process.
  • Don’t use vibrators in the shower unless they are fully waterproof.
  • Only use personal lubricant on your vibrator and make sure it’s safe for your toy’s material. If you usually use lotion, oils, soaps, or some other lube alternative to masturbate with your hand, it’s unlikely to be safe with your toy and in some cases, can degrade its material.

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​​How Can Couples Use Vibrators?

There are a couple of ways vibrators can make an appearance in your partnered sex life.

  1. Use a vibrating penis ring during penetrative sex
  2. Applying a vibrator to each other’s bodies — this can be on the clit, nipples, penis, testicles, or anywhere a vibrator can comfortably reach

Vibrating penis rings are made for penetrative sex, specifically penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex.

The idea is that the ring constricts the blood flow, keeping him harder for longer. With each thrust, the bullet vibrator hits her clit, giving her the stimulation she needs to get off.

Holding a vibrator against your partner, beyond penetration, can be a lot of fun too.

  • Touch your partner’s nipples
  • Place the vibrator against her clit or his penis
  • Hold it against your perineum (either partner)
  • Use it to tease each other or to help the other orgasm

As long as the vibrator feels good to you and is easy to hold and reach, use it wherever you’d like.

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How Can Men Use A Vibrator During Sex?

Just like women use vibrators during sex, the key for men is to find a vibrator that feels good and then place it in or against their body.

Here are a few ways men use a vibrator during sex:

  • Use a prostate massager on yourself during penetrative sex with your partner.
  • Turn the vibrating penis ring so that the vibrator hits your shaft, testicles, or perineum instead of letting it touch your partner.
  • Wear two vibrating rings, one for your partner to feel and one for yourself, from the tip above.
  • Rethink what sex can be and try mutual masturbation instead. Use your favorite vibrating toy to get yourself off while your partner uses their favorite toy.
  • If pegging is your thing, use a vibrating sleeve or another toy on your penis while being penetrated.

The possibilities for men to use a vibrator during sex are almost limitless.

  • Should Men Use Lube With Vibrators?

Lube is always a good choice when using any sex toy. It reduces friction and helps your vibrator move more easily across your skin.

In some cases, lube may make the vibrations more intense, as well.

If your vibrator use involves anal penetration, definitely use a toy-safe anal lube. Your butt doesn’t produce its own lubrication, so you’re going to need outside help.

Water-based lubes are universally safe for all toy materials, as long as you choose high-quality products. Silicone and oil-based last longer but aren’t always compatible with sex toys.

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  • Can Vibrators Cause Penile Desensitization?

No. This is a common fear among men. No one wants their penis to feel weird or worse — stop feeling anything at all.

Like we tell women about their clits and vibrators, you’re not going to go numb or become desensitized by a vibrator.

What can happen is that you grow used to the sensations over time so you might need more intense stimulation to get off as quickly as you’d like.

To prevent this, switch up the intensity and types of sensations you use every so often, just so you don’t become accustomed to one single type.

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Types Of Vibrators For Men

Artistic Photograph Of Fleshlight Male Masturbator And Roses On Brick-Lined Shelf

If your only experience using men’s sex toys is masturbating with a pink “fleshy” sleeve, you may be surprised at all the options you have.

Vibrators for men are much more common, and you can find them in almost every style of sex toy.

Masturbation sleeves (including Fleshlights): These sex toys wrap or sit around your penis to provide vibrations or oscillating stimulation to your shaft; some are even hands-free.

Pocket pussies/masturbators: These are sex toys that mimic body parts (vaginas, mouths, anuses) for penetration but with a built-in vibrator — it’s like jerking off, only with a more versatile amount of sensation.

Penis rings: Also known as cock rings, these help you to get hard and stay that way so you can prolong your pleasure. The built-in vibrator will either provide stimulation to your partner during penetration or it can be placed against your testicles or perineum for your own pleasure

Prostate massagers: The prostate is a source of great pleasure for a lot of men and may lead to multiple orgasms. Vibrating massagers do the work for you so all you have to do is find your P-spot and turn it on.

Butt plugs: The anus has plenty of nerve endings. Butt plugs allow you to experience some penetration, while a vibrating version of this toy helps your body relax and increases the pleasure you experience.

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In Conclusion

Yes, men can use vibrators and more men should use them.

Not every sensation feels good to everyone, but you’ll never know what you like until you try something.

You can use a vibrator with your partner during sex to increase everyone’s pleasure or use it alone while you masturbate to learn more about yourself and your orgasms.

If all you know about men’s sex toys are “realistic” sleeves or disembodied mouths that just don’t do it for you, you may be surprised at how many vibrators are out there, waiting to be played with.