How To Warm Your Fleshlight: Best Ways To Bring The Heat (Video)

A warm Fleshlight or pocket pussy feels a lot closer to the real thing. There are simple, safe ways to do it and in our experience, it’s worth the effort.
photograph of product tester justin holding a fleshlight pocket pussy wrapped up in an electric heating pad as part of a demonstrating on the best, easiest, and safest ways to warm a fleshlight
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Updated:December 2023

Happiness is a warm Fleshlight or pocket pussy, and there are simple (safe) ways to bring the heat — including an electric warming stick, warm tap water, a heating pad, or pre-warmed personal lube.

Watch our video below to learn more:

Key Takeaways:

  • The best ways to warm your Fleshlight, pocket pussy, or stroker are also the safest and include the official Fleshlight sleeve warmer (or off-brand warming sticks), warm tap water, an electric heating pad, or prewarmed personal lubricant.
  • You should never use a microwave, oven, boiling water, dishwasher, hot curling iron, or hair dryer to warm your Fleshlight or pocket pussy, as these methods can destroy your masturbation sleeve.
  • The SuperSkin material of a Fleshlight warms pretty easily but it won’t retain heat for long — once it’s warmed to your desired temperature, it’s best to use it immediately.

One crucial thing that’s normally missing from the Fleshlight experience is body heat.

Sliding into a cold Fleshlight is as jarring as sitting on a freezing toilet seat, so we’ll share some fast and easy methods to get your favorite pocket pussy feeling even closer to the real thing.

Best Ways To Warm Your Fleshlight Or Pocket Pussy

photograph of product tester justin holding the now-discontinued fleshlight quickshot warmer in his hand while talking about the best ways to warm a fleshlight, pocket pussy, male masturbator, or stroker

There are several easy ways to warm up a chilly Fleshlight sleeve before you use it and the safest are the ones I’ll share below.

These methods include warming sticks, warm water, a heating pad, or warmed lube and they’ll work for Fleshlights as well off-brand pocket pussies, strokers, and other male masturbators.

How To Warm Fleshlights With A Sleeve Warmer

photograph of product tester justin demonstrating how to put a fleshlight on the warmer by sliding the warming stick into the orifice of the pocket pussy sleeve

This little guy is a godsend if you want a nice, warm Fleshlight and the process is a piece of cake:

  1. Plug in your sleeve warmer
  2. Slide the sleeve and case onto the warming rod
  3. Let things heat up for about 5 minutes
  4. Remove your Fleshlight and enjoy

Most pocket pussy warming sticks work similarly so you can use them fairly interchangeably.

Fleshlight used to sell two warmers — one for full-sized models, and another specifically for Quickshots — however, the latter was discontinued as of December 2023.

I still own the Quickshot Warmer (which is now a piece of history, I suppose), and found that it heats a full-sized Fleshlight well enough to have a good time.

These days, the Fleshlight warmer is a one-size-fits-all deal and you can get here.

How To Warm Fleshlights With Water

two-panel photograph of product tester justin placing a fleshlight sleeve into a plastic bowl of warm water as part of a demonstration on how to use it to warm a fleshlight or pocket pussy sleeve

A quick and easy method you can do at home involves warm (not scalding!) water, and a container big enough to hold it and your Fleshlight sleeve.

  1. Fill a bowl or container with warm tap water
  2. Remove the Fleshlight sleeve from its casing
  3. Place the sleeve in the water, totally submerged
  4. Let it sit for about 10 minutes
  5. Pull the sleeve out and shake off the excess water
  6. Place the sleeve back in its casing for use

Do NOT use super hot water, as it can potentially melt the SuperSkin material.

Also, don’t worry about drying the sleeve completely before use.

It won’t rinse away the water-based lube you apply and you’ll need to wash and dry the sleeve after you’re done, anyway.

That said, if you warm your Fleshlight sleeve with water and decide not to use it after all, don’t put the sleeve back in its case until it is dry — storing it while damp can lead to mold growth.

How To Warm Fleshlights With A Heating Pad

photograph of product tester justin holding a fleshlight pocket pussy sleeve inside of an electric heating pad as part of a demonstration on how to warm a fleshlight with it

This popular method only requires a plug-in heating pad and an optional towel or shirt:

  1. Remove the sleeve from the casing
  2. Roll the sleeve up in the heating pad (optional: wrap the sleeve in a T-shirt or thin, lint-free towel first)
  3. Turn the heating pad on
  4. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes
  5. Remove the sleeve and put it back in its casing for use

Although optional, the shirt or towel will help with two things: keeping lint and other floofs off your girl and keeping the heat even and moderate.

This method takes a bit longer for the Fleshlight to heat up throughout, but it is an effective option if you have one available.

How To Warm Fleshlights With Lube

photograph of product tester justin holding a bottle of fleshlube fleshlight lubricant in his hand while talking about using warmed personal lubricant to warm a fleshlight pocket pussy sleeve

For this method, we’re referring to pre-warmed lubricant — not a personal lube with warming sensations.

Here is the easiest way to heat a Fleshlight with warm lube:

  1. Fill a container with comfortably warm water
  2. Place the unopened bottle of lube in the water until it is submerged
  3. Let the lube warm up for 10-15 minutes
  4. Remove the bottle from the water and dry off the outside
  5. Use the lube as you normally would

Honestly, this is not one of my favorite methods.

If the sleeve is cold, the lube will lose a lot of its heat pretty quickly; you’re better off using one of the longer-lasting methods above.

That said, you could try combining methods: warm your Fleshlight another way and then apply warm lube right before using it.

How Much Better Is A Warm Fleshlight?

In my experience, a warm Fleshlight is way better than a cold (or even room-temperature) one.

Fleshlights absorb some heat from your own body (and friction) easily enough, but they can’t ever get to that realistic body temperature on their own.

Warming your Fleshlight or pocket pussy will bring a whole new level of sensation — and make it feel more like the real thing.

Fleshlight Warming Safety And What To Avoid

There are several things you should NOT do when warming up a Fleshlight because they’ll either damage the sleeve, burn your willy, or both.

When warming a Fleshlight or pocket pussy, do not use:

  • Microwave: This will melt the sleeve and you’ll be smelling it for days afterward. If it doesn’t melt the sleeve, then you’ll still run the risk of burning your penis from hot spots hidden within the sleeve.
  • Boiling Water: This method is literally too hot to handle. You could end up burning yourself and destroying your Fleshlight at the same time.
  • Oven: Even on its lowest setting, you could ruin your Fleshlight sleeve if it’s left inside the oven for too long, not to mention the clean-up of melted SuperSkin afterward.
  • Dishwasher: The heat from a dishwasher will wreck your Fleshlight. Do not do this.
  • Curling Iron: A curling iron is much hotter than a Fleshlight warmer or other warming stick designed for a pocket pussy. Sticking that hot metal rod inside your Fleshlight sleeve will melt the interior and ruin your curler at the same time.
  • Hair Dryer: While this can work for drying your Fleshlight in a pinch, we would not recommend using this as a warming device. When drying your Fleshlight with a hair dryer, it’s best to only use the cool air button to avoid melting the SuperSkin material.

The basic rule of thumb when warming a Fleshlight is that if it is too hot to put your penis in, it will be too hot for your Fleshlight.

Closing Thoughts

Heating your Fleshlight amps up the realistic feel of the already mind-blowingly life-life pocket pussy.

Learning how to warm up a Fleshlight safely will take your pleasure to the next level while keeping your favorite stroker in good shape and trust me — it’s worth the extra step.

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